What Are Earthy Colours?

As the name may suggest, earth tones are subdued hues of colours inspired by nature. Dull and muted colour palette including rust, muddy brown, moss green, taupe and ivory, all fall into the earth tone category.

Their natural tones and dim hues bring warmth into every room, creating a sense of calmness, stability, and relaxation. This warm & positive energy in combination with the timeless look is what makes earthy tones one of our favourite colour palettes for styling homes for sale.

Our Favourite Earthy Colours

Why Are Earthy Colours “In”?

We have a couple of theories behind the rising popularity of earthy tones in interior design.

  • SUSTAINABILITY – People are becoming increasingly conscious about the environment, which has influenced their purchasing decisions. More and more consumers are being drawn to natural textures and colours, representing their eco-friendly stance.
  • BREAK FROM TECHNOLOGY – Step aside shiny and bright metallic objects, we’ve had enough! Struggling to draw the line between ‘home’ and ‘work’ (considering they were both happening at the same place during the pandemic), people started to decorate their interiors with earthy tones to bring a relaxing contrast to the enslaving technology. Warm and calming tones provided a safe space to recharge and ground themselves.

Earthy Tones in Home Staging

1. Matte Terracotta

2. Sage Green

3. Rust

4. Moss Green

5. Ivory

6. Fern Green

7. Neutral Colours with Natural Elements

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