Minimalism is more than just an art movement. It expands beyond home design and transfers into a lifestyle.

A lifestyle we all strive for but find generally difficult to achieve and/or maintain, especially in a busy household.

A minimalist design consists of a lot of features that go hand-in-hand with the basic rules of Home Staging. Things like uncluttering, making small spaces appear larger and creating perception of the ideal lifestyle – all of which are congruent with the main principles of styling properties for sale.

living room styled in a minimalistic way, sofa, chair, tv, rug and a coffee table with minimal accessories

What We Love About Minimalism:

  • It appears to everyone! Ideal for homes that are targeted towards multiple age groups and demographics of home buyers.
  • It’s simple, clean & fresh – a Property Stylist’s dream come true!
  • Minimalism helps us achieve the feeling of space, which is perfect for small rooms.
  • It creates an uncluttered look, guaranteed to photograph beautifully.
  • Minimalist décor almost never goes out of style.
coffee table from above, picture of a monoc

“When I try to think of the perfect example of minimalism, my mind takes me straight to my favourite style – the Scandinavian. I love styling Scandi because it’s not overly complicated and always comes out looking crisp. It’s also a combination of my favourite design elements – oak finish, glass top surfaces and a monochrome colour palette.” –  Phoebe Shorter | Chief Stylist

The main objective of minimalism is simplicity through and through. That means paring back the colour tones & number of decorations, and approaching the entire concept from the perspective of ‘less is more’. But just because we are using less of everything, it doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

To uphold our standard of excellent staging results, we always make sure that what we bring in contributes to the dollar value and perceived worth of the property. That’s why our Stylists don’t hold back when it comes to selecting our best high-end furniture and beautiful, luxe decorations (feather-filled cushions, expensive vases, etc.).

dining room and a kitchen styled in a minimalistic way

Features of Minimalism:

(notes taken from a Foxy Stylist’s checklist)

  • Furniture off the ground – sofas, coffee tables, bedside tables, etc. (Note: This contributes to the sense of openness and spaciousness.)
  • Light & neutral colour palette
  • No patterns or textures, block colours only
  • It’s not about symmetry, it’s about functionality
  • You can choose one bold statement piece, knowing it’s not going to clash with anything (colourful artwork, etc.)
  • A rug is a MUST
  • Don’t hold back on decorating with greenery
  • Choose good quality, high-end furniture & accessories
beautiful navy kitchen counter with minimal number of decorations
black coffee table pictured from above with a small number of decorations on it, monochrome colour palette

What Properties Are Suitable for Styling With Minimalism?

New builds (year 2000 onwards)

The house must not have a coastal or traditional feel (these can clash with the minimalist design)

Homes targeted towards younger demographics (young professionals, first home buyers, young families, etc.)

Homes with featured statement pieces (minimalist style allows these pieces to stand out)

before and after picture of a kitchen we have styled recently. It has a beautiful statement blue coloured kitchen counter

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