February 2022

How to Style Homes Using Black Colour | Our 3 Favourite Interior Designs

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How to Style Homes Using Black Colour Many people tend to steer away from decorating their own homes with black in fear of creating an environment that is too drab and dull. We are here to show you that when you decorate with black, you can still make your interior explode with vibrancy! History of the Colour Black Charcoal was one of the first pigments used in art, making its first appearance on the walls of prehistoric caves. Over the centuries, the colour black has gained a bit of a bad rep. [...]

November 2021

Decorate Your Home with Pastel Colours | + 7 Different Styles for Inspo

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With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, it’s time to talk about the upcoming trends in home styling. Pantone unveiled its latest trend report for the Spring/Summer season, which is engulfed in cheerful pastels, and we’re here for it! The bright & light-hearted colours like popcorn, potpourri and orchid bloom are a few of the shades you can expect to see gracing the fashion world, as well as interiors. This delicate colour palette is the perfect way to inject a soft and fresh feel to your [...]

September 2021

How to Style With Green | Our 4 Favourite Interior Designs

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How to Style With Green In the world of colour psychology, green plays well with everyone, which makes it one of the “safest” colours to use in interior design and home staging. Being one of the most dominant colours in nature, green has proven to have positive impact on our thinking and health (source).  With hundreds of different hues, green can evoke powerful emotions ranging from freshness, hope and health, associated with the lighter shades, all the way to growth, stability, and prosperity in the darker greens. Green in Interior Design Believe it or not, green [...]

June 2021

7 Earthy Colour Palette Ideas for Your Home

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What Are Earthy Colours? As the name may suggest, earth tones are subdued hues of colours inspired by nature. Dull and muted colour palette including rust, muddy brown, moss green, taupe and ivory, all fall into the earth tone category. Their natural tones and dim hues bring warmth into every room, creating a sense of calmness, stability, and relaxation. This warm & positive energy in combination with the timeless look is what makes earthy tones one of our favourite colour palettes for styling homes for sale. Our Favourite Earthy Colours Why Are Earthy Colours “In”? [...]

May 2021

How to Style with Blue | + Our 3 Favourite Interior Designs

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The psychology of colours is a fascinating topic to explore.  Knowing how different shades affect people’s emotions is an advantageous skill to have in a lot of occupations nowadays, ranging from marketing professionals to bakers, to fashion designers. As Property Stylists, choosing the right colour palette of furniture & decorations is an essential part of our job. Taking into consideration factors like the style and architecture of the house, the colour of the walls, the targeted demographics of the buyers… it is not always a straight-forward decision. Luckily, there is one colour so versatile that it can be used [...]

April 2021

How to Style with Pink | + Our 4 Favourite Pink Interior Designs

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Pink – the colour that is commonly deemed as ‘girly & soft’ holds a surprising history. Having assumed a range of guises throughout the centuries, pink firstly became a fashion trend in the mid-1700’s as a symbol of luxury among male Aristocrats. Yes, that’s right… male. What we now perceive as the colour of femininity and delicacy used to be the epitome of strong masculinity, less than 300 years ago. Surprised? We were too. Things took a different spin after the WWII thanks to creative branding strategies, cementing pink as the colour for girls. Since then, it has been [...]

March 2021

How to Style Homes Using Monochrome Colour Palette

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When it comes to staging homes for sale, the first choice our Stylists have to make is decide which theme, style and colour palette are they bringing into the house. This can be a tough decision, as there are numerous different factors they must take into consideration - like buyers’ demographics, architecture of the house, what stock is available, and the list goes on. (Full article on ‘How to choose the right style’ HERE). Sometimes, there is a simple solution to bypass the lengthy, colour-matching process…. choosing the Monochrome Style! What is Monochrome? The term monochrome colour [...]

April 2018

Do’s and Don’ts for Feature Walls

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Feature walls are an amazing way to add colour, depth and texture to your living room or bedroom. You can use different colours or even patterns to brighten up the room. It’s also a quick, easy and affordable way to make the inside of your home stand out. Do’s - Whatever colour or pattern you are going to use for your feature wall, make sure it’s going to compliment the rest of the room/ home - Use the accent wall as your feature. This generally should be the first wall you see as you walk in the room, [...]

How to get the Perfect Bedroom Layout

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When it comes to the perfect bedroom layout it can be tricky because not every room is easy to work with. You've got to consider things like windows, wardrobes, entrances and where your power points are. These all play a part in how you would set up your bedroom and can sometimes be tricky to work around. Here are some ideas/ tricks to find the perfect bedroom layout. Size Matters  Measure the size of your room first. You don’t want to get furniture that’s going to make the room look small or even worse, not fit at all. [...]

March 2018

Top 5 Winter Throws and Where to Get Them

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Throw rugs are commonly used for styling a bed and adding a pop of colour but they also come in handy for those cool winter nights that are just around the corner. Here are our top 5 winter throws that are amazing for both styling and keeping warm. Mustard is one of those colours that you don’t need a lot of in a room to make it stand out. This knit throw looks amazing in a monochrome styled room. A matching mustard pillow will add just the right amount of brightness to your bedroom. From: Adairs   This [...]

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