Selecting Artwork

Artwork Selection

Today we’re delving into the process of selecting artwork for properties. At Foxy, we understand that artwork plays a pivotal role in home styling. Think of it as the icing that adds that extra layer of visual appeal to the already beautiful cake. In this blog, we’ll dish out some insider tips and tricks that we use to choose the perfect artwork to elevate a space to new heights. Let’s dig in!

During the consultation process, the stylist takes numerous photos of each room. We examine these images alongside the floor plan to help guide us in selecting the perfect colours and styles for a space. There are 3 categories that we consider when selecting artwork, these are position, size and colour.


The positioning of artwork holds tremendous significance as it sets the stage for a memorable first impression. While selecting the right artwork is important, it’s equally crucial to consider the role of blank walls in creating balance and visual harmony. Too much artwork can overwhelm, leaving the eye uncertain of where to focus. That’s why we approach positioning with a discerning eye, ensuring that the selected artwork has the greatest impact on that initial impression. To gauge its effectiveness, we start at the front door. Can the artwork be seen from the doorway, captivating guests as soon as they enter? Additionally, we avoid placing artwork near the TV, otherwise the space can feel cluttered. And we use the same method for above or below windows and in narrow hallways. Because we don’t want the artwork to block off the available space.


When it comes to selecting artwork, size plays a crucial role and is often determined by the available wall space. In rooms with generous dimensions and high ceilings, we opt for larger pieces that make a bold statement and fill the space beautifully. On the other hand, in smaller areas or when there’s a buffet or sofa positioned underneath, we choose smaller artwork ranging from 80 cm to a metre squared. This allows for a more balanced and proportionate look, ensuring that the artwork complements the surrounding elements without overwhelming the space.


When it comes to colour, we take into account the existing colour scheme of the property. For instance, if the walls have a touch of green, we’ll select artwork that incorporates natural and green hues. Then we add white or black accents depending on the accessories and furniture choices. This way, the artwork becomes a unifying element that ties together the furniture and overall styling.

Now, let’s talk about neutral colour palettes, such as beige/cream or grey. These two colour schemes are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so we never mix them. When working with a neutral palette, you can play around with the colours you incorporate. If you have a cream base there are so many options you can add, shades like blue, green, plum, burgundy, or coral complement the neutral beige palette perfectly. On the other hand, with a grey palette we might explore monochrome options like black and white, or introduce colours such as rust or light blue. The key is to avoid blending cream and grey together since they have different undertones. As cream is yellow-based and grey is blue-based. This means when the colours are paired together and photographed, they don’t harmonise well. So, have fun playing with colours within the neutral palette, as long as you avoid mixing cream and grey.

Consistency in Colours

To maintain colour consistency throughout the living spaces including the living, dining, study, family, meals, kitchen, and even outdoor areas, we carefully blend together the chosen colours. This creates a cohesive flow, ensuring that the spaces feel interconnected and visually pleasing. However, when it comes to bedrooms, they can work within their own colour palette. This allows for a touch of uniqueness, all the while ensuring that the chosen colours maintain broad appeal and align with the overall staging aesthetic.

Selecting artwork for staging is an art in itself. So, let your creativity flow and let the artwork be the perfect finishing touch that elevates your space to new heights of style and charm. Have a read of this blog to find our favourite art suppliers!

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