With the announcement of the Australian Home Staging Conference, I thought I would go through why we think we, as an industry, need a home staging conference. We’ll look at the benefits of creating a community and sharing knowledge. As well as the importance of educating and expanding opportunities for professionals in the industry. So let’s get into it!

8 Reasons We Need a Home Staging Conference

Why we need a home staging conference

Growing Industry

Currently, Australia’s real estate market is thriving, with a consistently high demand for properties. And with more people investing in real estate, the need for home staging services has never been greater. So, a conference dedicated to the industry will provide valuable insights and strategies to meet the demand effectively. By inspiring and sharing knowledge with industry professionals, the conference will enable home stagers to deal with the high demand of properties on the market.

Home Staging is Evolving

The field of home staging is continuously evolving, with new trends, technologies, and techniques emerging regularly. We know that AI is improving and being incorporated into businesses to achieve efficiency in a wide range of industries. So, the conference will touch on new technologies such as this and explore the opportunities for the integration of these technologies into home staging. The conference will serve as a platform for industry professionals to stay updated on the latest developments, ensuring that they remain competitive in the growing market.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences provide a unique opportunity for professionals to connect and network with like-minded individuals. Building relationships within the home staging community will lead to partnerships, collaborations, and new business opportunities. Watch the video beside (or below if you’re reading on your phone!) where Phoebe discusses building and maintaining beneficial relationships.

Knowledge Sharing

The conference will bring together experts and practitioners in the home staging field, creating an ideal environment for sharing knowledge. Sharing knowledge promotes growth and efficiency. And by including stories of challenges and successes, the conference will give access to new procedures and processes that can help streamline businesses. Attendees will learn from each other’s experiences, share best practices, and gain fresh perspectives on the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Educational Workshops

The conference offers a range of educational workshops and talks led by business and industry leaders. And these sessions will cover a wide range of topics. From home staging principles and marketing strategies to the use of technology in the industry, the sessions will provide those who attend with valuable skills and knowledge. Ensuring the integration of practical workshops throughout the conference is essential because our industry itself is inherently practical. These workshops will promote an understanding of the practical elements of the industry, while engaging attendees and promoting opportunities to network.

Market Expansion

Hosting the home staging conference in Australia attracts people from various regions and even internationally! And this helps to expand the market reach for home staging professionals, broadening the potential for sharing knowledge and experience. Meeting people from different regions and countries, business owners will gain access to new perspectives and ideas potentially inspiring new models or approaches to business.

Business Growth and Profitability

Through workshops on business growth, leadership, mindset, marketing, customer relations and more, the conference will empower home staging professionals to run more successful and profitable businesses.

Filling a Gap

There are currently no conferences dedicated to home staging in Australia, which is why we decided to bring this idea to life! The world of real estate in Australia has a multitude of conferences. And Phoebe and Jake have attended some of these, where they gained fantastic ideas, perspectives and made great connections. The events over the years showcased the gap in the market for a home staging conference. And with the growing need for home stagers in Australia, what better time to share knowledge, expertise and success than right now?

As you can see there are a multitude of benefits to holding a home staging conference, which is why we are thrilled to bring you this industry event. So, we hope to see you for the Australian Home Staging Conference next year! And make sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn to get all the latest updates. 

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