In the world of real estate, first impressions matter. That’s why property styling has become an essential tool to attract buyers and elevate the value of homes on the market. However, the timing involved in preparing a property for sale is more intricate than meets the eye. So, in this blog, I want to shed light on the behind the scenes timing factors in the home staging industry. Whether you’re a fellow home stager, real estate agent or home seller, I hope this gives you an understanding of our timing, especially as we head into our busy period. From coordinating stylists and agents to syncing schedules with photographers and building managers, the behind-the-scenes work plays a pivotal role in achieving that picture-perfect presentation. Read more about why professional photography is essential in real estate here!

The Clockwork of Styling

Some clients come into a consultation expecting a 24 hour turnaround on installing our staging. And while Foxy has done this before in a pinch, the reality is a touch more complex. Because as spring emerges and the real estate market heats up, the demand for property styling intensifies. This surge translates to more likely a two-week lead time for styling, reflecting the industry’s current pace. And the timeline isn’t just about picking the right furnishings. It’s about orchestrating an intricate symphony involving photographers’ availability, building managers’ permissions with things like the logistics of accessing apartment lifts. We had one building with a four-week waiting period just to secure elevator access – a reminder that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to preparing a property for sale. This is why a 2-3 week lead time is ideal, however we can speed the process up if need be.

The Dance of Coordination

At Foxy, we recognize the importance of meticulous planning. And ideally, we aim for a week turnaround, so a week between initial contact and install. This gives us time to conduct a consultation and pick the perfect pieces to accentuate your property’s charm. However when we consider the broader timeline involving agent collaboration, and the incoming busier period, it’s more like a three-week journey from initial discussions with an agent, to the unveiling of the styled property. This window is crucial for preparing your home for the market’s discerning gaze. It’s the time to mend that chipped paint, refresh the floors, and ensure every nook and cranny sparkles, so the staging can really showcase your property in the best light. So the more lead time the better! But have a chat with your agent, and if you need your place on the market urgently, we will do our best to meet your needs. The agent-stylist partnership ensures that your property not only meets, but exceeds buyer expectations, translating to a potential higher sale price.

Timing and Understanding in the Fast Lane

In the era of swift property turnovers, quick settlement periods can pose both challenges and opportunities. Properties are being staged and sold within weeks, a testament to the incoming real estate boom. Yet, it’s crucial for all parties involved – homeowners, agents, and stylists – to understand the timing constraints underpinning this rapid pace. By working together and allowing each professional to bring their expertise to the table, the end result is a harmonious collaboration that maximizes sale prices and delights buyers.

Phoebe and Alex Rutherford (an agent we work closely with), discuss the ideas I’ve talked about here, along with an exploration of how they have built a strong working relationship in our most recent Foxy TV. Watch is beside (or below if you’re reading on your phone)!

Thank you for joining us on the blog! I hope this has brought you a deeper understanding of the behind the scene logistics of property styling. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more styling tips and tricks and to keep up to date with us!

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