Our PREMIUM Home Staging package with a GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.

Introducing Foxy First Class – Home Staging where you only pay if the property sells. 

With Foxy First Class you get all the benefits of Foxy’s unwavering property styling service, backed by the peace of mind of our Foxy First Class Guarantee.

No Sale – No Pay

  • You only pay for styling when you sell your home – from settlement.
  • We don’t take payment upfront – so you’re not out of pocket.
  • If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a cent – no risk.
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A First for the Brisbane Real Estate Market

  • We are the first Home Staging company in Brisbane to offer a Success Guarantee. This gives you the confidence to perfectly present your home for sale to achieve the best price possible.
  • There are a lot of competing costs when preparing to list a home. With Foxy First Class, the vendor pays at settlement fund with $0 upfront cost.

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Am I eligible?

Let’s find out! Choose from the following two options.



Who can use Foxy First Class?

  • Your Real Estate Agent must be a FOXY FIRST CLASS Partner

    We teamed up with the best agents in Brisbane to increase your chances of a successful sale. If you are an agent reading this, thinking ‘I want in, how do I become a partner?’, we have an onboarding process – click here to book a phone call with Phoebe.

  • Give us 90 Days to show you the power of Home Staging

    We embarked on this journey with the intention to help people sell their homes faster & for a better price, so we just ask that the property is not withdrawn from the market within 90 days. That gives us both a fair chance at making sure we’ve given it our best shot, but there is a high chance your house will sell before that!

  • Vacant Properties ONLY

    Your property must be vacant to be eligible for Foxy First Class package.

Success Guarantee

We are confident that our professional styling service will help sell your home.

No Sale, No Pay

Simple. No out of pocket cost.

No risk. 

Fast Turnaround

Need to hit the market quickly? We understand that you need us to move fast and can have your property ready in 48 hours.

Blog Post

Click on the picture to read All You Need to Know About Foxy First Class, summed up into an easy to read, bite-sized article.

• Why did we launch it? • What’s the catch? • What is our promise to you? •