Our Brand

At Foxy Home Staging we understand that selling your home isn’t just about the number of beds and baths. It’s about emotion. Buyers start house hunting with a logical list of criteria, but the home they buy is the one they fall in love with.

Home staging is about illusions. We create an experience where people can visualise how amazing it will be to live in your home. It’s not about decorating for the sake of a magazine photo – it’s about understanding the psychology of a buyer.

Our service combines professional property styling with a love of real estate, to present your property in a way that best resonates with your identified target market.

We are a dynamic team dedicated to being different, not for difference sake, but because we truly care. Our unique service offering has been designed to fit seamlessly into the selling process and minimise stress.

With our flexibility and range of options, Foxy Home Staging can provide a styling package to suit all sellers, properties and deadlines.

Our Story

Foxy Home Staging is a leading property styling business, founded by husband and wife team, Phoebe and Jake Shorter, based on the southside of Brisbane.

Foxy was originally created to address the frustrations Phoebe and Jake had with selling a home. After tackling their first property development, Phoebe and Jake saw the value of home staging first hand, having their property staged by a local business and selling at auction with a great result.

However, two aspects of the process left Phoebe and Jake feeling disappointed.  Firstly, many people (including real estate agents!) didn’t understand or believe in the benefits of speaking to a professional about the presentation of your home for sale.  It became obvious that many home sellers were leaving money on the table as a result of poor advice.

The second disappointment was in the lack of flexibility from the property styling industry.  Every aspect seemed to create friction – long wait times, being charged just for a quote, expensive prices, poor communication. Nothing seemed designed with the seller in mind.

Out of these frustrations, an exciting opportunity presented itself, and Foxy Home Staging was born with one principle at its core – “to stop people leaving money on the table when they sell their home”.

Investing heavily in an amazing team, a wide variety of stock, and most importantly creating flexibility in the process and putting the client first, Foxy provides a unique service that delivers for their clients.

From a garage to a vast warehouse facility and an expanding team, Foxy has helped thousands of property owners across South East Queensland sell their homes, and most importantly, enjoy the process.


We Pride Ourselves On Our Creativity & Flexibility