Hey there! Welcome to another instalment of the Foxy Stylist Spotlight. Today we’re getting up close and personal (not too personal, don’t worry!) with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a bright and hilarious stylist here at Foxy headquarters, and she’s our resident English expat. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about property (thanks to her background in real estate), which makes her a winner with all of her clients. Kaitlyn’s also quite the storyteller, and often has the stylist room in stitches with reenactments from her day-to-day life. So Kaitlyn and I had a lovely, and very entertaining chat about her time here at Foxy. 

Foxy Stylist Spotlight | Meet Kaitlyn!

Without any further delay, let’s say hi to Kaitlyn!

Stylist Spotlight Kaitlyn

How long have you been working at Foxy and what did you do before starting here?

Kaitlyn: I’ve been here for 9 months, as long as it takes to grow a baby! 

Clare: *Laughs* That’s a very true observation *both laugh more*

Kaitlyn: And I was in real estate before this. 

Clare: Oh that’s right! That makes a lot of sense as to why you have so much extra knowledge of the home selling process. I feel like I always learn something when I hear you talk to clients.

What do you remember about your beginnings at Foxy?

Kaitlyn: Being sore, but also so in awe that my job was to style homes!

Clare: Aw that’s so beautiful!

What’s your favourite style?

Kaitlyn: Probably, modern farmhouse. I love really light and soft colours. So, whites with a gentle, sort of soft pop of colour. And blend it in with natural tones like a nice wooden finish. Pretty much, I love when a space feels really relaxed and clean.

What’s your favourite decoration/accessory to use?

Kaitlyn: My favourite has to be this gold ball, it’s hardly ever in the warehouse, so I’m packing it for my install tomorrow right now!

Clare: *Laughs* same as Hayley’s favourite! She called it a gold spiky ball thing. *Laughs* 

Kaitlyn: *Laughs more* Oh did she choose that one too?! Well, I also love working with the resin flowers, they always make a beautiful statement.

Clare: Oh yeah, they are so pretty.

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Here you can see both of Kaitlyn's favourite accessories used in some beautiful coffee table styling!

Foxy Stylist Spotlight Kaitlyn

Which bed that you’ve styled has been your favourite?

Foxy Stylist Spotlight Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn: There’s a pink king bed that I did, and I loved that it was light tones. I like pink, but I think I loved it so much because it was more beige and pink. It was really soft looking and pretty!

Which living room is your favourite to date?

Kaitlyn: Either this living room from Clearwater, it was really grand and high end with a grand piano sitting in the corner and beautiful white couches. 

Clare: Oh yes! I remember that one, it was so stunning! 

Kaitlyn: Or there was this one at Clearview, I loved the leather couch and the way it worked with the black and gold.

Which is your least favourite room to style and why?

Kaitlyn: I’d probably say bathroom, just because there’s not a lot to be done in there and I guess, it kind of feels like it speaks for itself. 

Clare: Oh that’s a new one! I know a lot of the girls have said studies, but personally I like styling them! (Not that I’m out there being a stylist, but at Foxy it’s a big team effort! So even though I’m a writer, I sometimes end up helping out the stylists!).

Kaitlyn: Same! You get all the cute little knick knacks and often some shelves to style.

As you can see here, Kaitlyn's love of styling studies really shines!

Stylist Spotlight Kaitlyn

What has been your biggest fail? 

Kaitlyn: Probably… turning up to my install address instead of the pack up address which was scheduled before the install. 

Clare: Oh no! *Laughs* So… what happened? 

Kaitlyn: I just put the wrong address in! Then I had to call the boys to let them know I was running late, *Laughs* so not too bad!

What’s your biggest win?

Kaitlyn: Getting good client feedback, especially when I get to do a walk through with them onsite and can see how excited they are about the styling.

Funniest moment?

Kaitlyn: *Laughs* This is probably not the funniest, but I was coming out of a property at an install and there’s this little, tiny white picket fence around this garden bed and I … 

Clare: Oh no… 

Kaitlyn: And I *Laughing uncontrollably* don’t worry, I missed it! But Cam was coming the opposite way, and I started to trip then caught myself and started running to avoid falling into the truck, and to try find my footing. I ran pretty much down the whole street because if I didn’t I would’ve fallen! *Continues laughing*

After work I spend my time…

Kaitlyn: Probably spending time with my dog. 

Clare: Aw yes her name is Pippa isn’t it? 

Kaitlyn: Yes, she’s a sweetheart! Though she does get up to some mischief here and there. *Laughs*

I spend my weekends…

Kaitlyn: I do love a good trip to the beach to get a bit brown and bronzed!

Thanks for joining us for another Foxy Stylist Spotlight! I hope you’ve got to know Kaitlyn a little bit more, so if you ever see her out on site you know you can have a good chat and maybe even a laugh. Make sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn to follow along with Kaitlyn’s styling journey!

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