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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Hayley!

Stylist Spotlight Meet Hayley

This week we’re getting to know Hayley, who’s been with Foxy nearly a year now. You’ll find her always smiling and laughing her way through the days. She’s another bubbly and hard working member of the stylist team and she’s always got a snack to share (making her very popular with the guys in the logistics team!). So, let’s introduce you to Hayley!

1. How long have you been working at Foxy and what did you do before starting here?

Hayley: I’ve been here since September so almost a year now! I was in childcare for 4 years previously. 

Clare: I didn’t know that! I can imagine you would’ve been great at that.

2. What do you remember about your beginnings at Foxy?

Hayley: It was very quick. I’d be still packing up a bed and the whole house would be packed away. *giggles*

3. What’s your favourite style?

Hayley: It’d have to be Scandinavian, but put a twist on it with pink and gold.

Clare: Ooh that’s a nice combo! Pink is your favourite isn’t it? 

Hayley: Yes, I love pink!

We haven’t installed a property with a traditional Scandinavian style in a little while, but here is Hayley’s mood board!
Stylist Spotlight Hayley
Read this blog post if you want to learn more about pink in home staging.

4. What’s your favourite decoration/accessory to use?

Hayley: There’s a little gold spiky ball thing [I believe that’s the technical term haha], I don’t see it very often, but whenever I see it I grab it. Or I also love the gold dragonfly.

5. Which bed that you’ve styled has been your favourite?

Hayley: There’s one I did a couple of weeks ago out in the country, it was on a white hamptons style frame and then it was white with some beige through it and some frills. 

6. Which living room is your favourite to date?

Hayley: One that I did in Ipswich. It was a very industrial style, so completely opposite to my favourite bed *laughs*. Very industrial with black and grey leather, and lots of dark and masculine tones. 

  • Stylist Spotlight Hayley
  • Stylist Spotlight Hayley

7. Which is your favourite room to style and why?

Stylist Spotlight Hayley

Hayley: My favourite room would have to be… probably the kitchen, cause you’ve got 3 different accessory parts and you can blend them all together, while also pulling accents from other parts of the room.

8. What has been your biggest fail?

Hayley: I umm… *laughs* a couple of weeks ago I accidentally locked myself in an apartment. I had to call the guys in the truck to come and rescue me *laughs a lot*.

9. What’s been your biggest win?

Hayley: Whenever I get amazing reviews from clients that love the styling and they’re really happy with everything!

10. Funniest moment?

Hayley: I get scared easily, so whenever people sneak up on me.

11. After work I spend my time…

Hayley: Honestly? Just relaxing, not doing too much.

12. I spend my weekends…

Hayley: Spending time with my family. I’m a big family person, so I’ll go out and do activities with them and my fiancé Braydn.

Clare: You’ve got cats too, right? Do you take them for walks or anything? *laughing at the idea of walking cats* 

Hayley: *laughing as well* Yeah I let them out in our back garden, but have to take them on the lead cause they always try to escape under the house and then I can’t get them back.

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