How to Style With Green

In the world of colour psychology, green plays well with everyone, which makes it one of the “safest” colours to use in interior design and home staging. Being one of the most dominant colours in nature, green has proven to have positive impact on our thinking and health (source). 

With hundreds of different hues, green can evoke powerful emotions ranging from freshness, hope and health, associated with the lighter shades, all the way to growth, stability, and prosperity in the darker greens.

Green in Interior Design

Believe it or not, green has not always been a popular choice in interior design. Making its debut in 1775 as the new & fancy wall colour in royal mansions, the admiration for green was short-lived, after the discovery of its toxic paint composition made of arsenic and lead.

Even though green appeared on illustrations and fabric patterns, people steered away from using it in their interiors altogether until the mid-1900’s, brought on by the explosion of pop art.

In the recent years, this colour has enjoyed a renewed sense of popularity. The phrase “being green” is associated with environmental awareness and sustainability, prompting a rising number of architects take interest in Biophilic Design.

Greenery was declared a Pantone Colour of the year in 2017 and it has become prevalent at the start of the pandemic, with more and more people equipping their households with plants.

biophillic design
colour of the year pantone greenery

Green in Home Staging

When it comes to styling homes for sale, green has got to be one of the best (if not THE best) colour to use! The pre-set edits of professional real-estate photos make anything green pop, which enhances the entire listing and makes it stand out among many others. Green is incredibly flexible and liked by all demographics of buyers, regardless of age, gender, or cultural background.

At Foxy Home Staging, we love these four green interior designs:

green bedroom

1. Resort Style

Following the prohibition of international travel, people started bringing holiday vibes into their homes. The Resort Style is bright & airy, full of tropical elements like palm trees, rattan furniture and light-coloured timbers. You can think of it as the green version of Coastal Style, minus the nautical décor.

Property styled by Foxy: 45 Percy Street, Tarragindi

resort style green dining table
resort style green living room
resort style green living room
green bedroom
green bedroom resort style

2. Moody Greens

As the name suggests, the Moody Green Style is featuring a darker colour palette with pops of forest and emerald greens.

Combined with masculine textures like leather, metal or black timbers, the finished look is oozing sophistication and opulence, and we LOVE it!

moody greens interior design
moody greens interior design
moody greens interior design

3. Contemporary Green

Incorporating green décor and furniture as an accent feature, while the modern elements (rounded edges, stone material, etc.) take over the main focal point. A combination of these is guaranteed to create an assertive, contemporary look with a splash of personality. We love using this style in new-builds or modern, high-tech homes.

Property styled by Foxy: 278 Horizon Drive, Westlake

contemporary green
contemporary green
contemporary green

4. Country Green

The soft shades of greens like sage or light moss serve as an unconventional replacement to neutral colours, offering more character and visual interest than the classic beiges or whites. These earthy hues look the best when presented in traditional Queenslanders or post-war homes.

Because of the light and subtle greens, this style works really well with blush, feminine colours like pink or rose.

country style bed green and pink
green country style bed
country bed green sage green style
country style green living room
country style green living room

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