August 2021

How to Style a Coffee Table: 7 Tips from Professional Property Stylists

By |2021-08-31T15:03:15+10:00August 31st, 2021|Home Staging Tips, Styling Furniture|

How to Style a Coffee Table: 7 Tips from Professional Property Stylists We love styling coffee tables! From the home-staging perspective, a coffee table is the perfect spot for adding a lifestyle factor to the overall look, which makes homes for sale more attractive in the eyes of the buyers. Being the centrepiece of the living room, the styling potential of a coffee table is enormous. Its small surface area is the perfect size to achieve the magazine-worthy look regardless of how much experience you have with interior design. The best décor to [...]

13 Styling Ideas for Matching Pairs of Art

By |2021-10-20T15:51:03+10:00August 27th, 2021|Home Staging Tips|

Art is an absolute MUST when it comes to home styling. It creates a focal point, which makes it a key decoration that ties the room together. A well-chosen artwork adds character to the home and can even influence our mood! (link) When it comes to outfitting your walls, a little repetition can be a good thing. A pair of matching (or identical) prints creates a pleasing sense of symmetry and is a perfect way to clearly identify the zones in your home. That’s why we’ve chosen this article to showcase our favourite collection of two-piece wall arts that [...]

Home-Staging Consultations | Step by Step

By |2021-08-27T12:49:38+10:00August 27th, 2021|Business of Staging|

Every Home-Staging business owner has their own unique internal process when it comes to organising their workflow. For most of us, a consultation with the vendor is usually the very first step. There are many different ways you can approach a consultation from the business point of view, and we are not here to preach what is right or wrong. The method we have instilled in our business has worked really well for us, so we’ve decided to share our entire Consultation Process with the hope to help other Home Stagers. We sincerely hope that you can get some [...]

Same Floorplans, Different Styles

By |2021-08-18T16:46:24+10:00August 18th, 2021|Home Staging Tips|

As Home Stagers, we see a lot of homes with similar layouts, but we never got to style two houses in different suburbs that had almost identical floorplans. Until last week. You may think ‘Oh, nice! That’s easy, just copy and paste!’, but there’s more to it than ctrl+C and ctrl+V. There’s a lot of things we need to take into account before we choose the most suitable style. In this case, the most prominent influencing factor was the architecture of the homes. 39 Taffetta Drive Mount Cotton • “older” home that has [...]

Stylist Spotlight | Meet Cassie

By |2021-08-16T17:31:55+10:00August 16th, 2021|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging|

Meet Cassie! Meet Cassie, our longest employee! Her signature smile (seriously, have you seen how white her teeth are?!), kind nature and organised work ethic will make you fall in love with her faster than she can say “Cuuuuuuute!”. Which, if you ask anyone at Foxy, she says all the time. Cass divides her styling career into “pre-P” and “post-P” times, with “P” being her adorable baby girl Penelope, who is just so… what’s the word I’m looking for… cuuuuuuuute! Cassie is now back in a part-time capacity at 3 days a week, which Cam [...]

Foxy at Home | Shades of Grey | 16 Crystal Court, Camira

By |2021-08-13T13:28:45+10:00August 13th, 2021|Foxy at Home|

What is Foxy at Home? Foxy at Home is our log series, showing our readers how to easily recreate their favourite looks at home. Taking you behind the scenes and sharing our furniture suppliers and retailers, we keep no secrets when it comes to helping you fall in love with your home again! 16 Crystal Court, Camira This gorgeous, newly renovated property will be the perfect home for first home buyers or a young family. It’s located in Camira, a leafy suburb known for its large blocks of land, about 25km from Brisbane CBD. [...]

3 Things That Surprised Me About Marketing in My First Year at Foxy Home Staging

By |2021-08-12T12:12:24+10:00August 10th, 2021|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging|

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it has been 12 months since I started working at Foxy! Time flies when you’re having fun! Or when you’re in a lockdown unable to do much else… or in my case… both! Just a heads up, this article is not going to be one of the professional, well-structured blog posts you are used to. Oh no, quite the opposite. It’s 4.15pm as I’m typing this and I’m leaning all the way back in my chair, left foot on the desk, left arm elbow-deep in a bag of sweet potato chips, occasionally wiping [...]

Should I Stage My Home in a Booming Real Estate Market?

By |2021-08-06T18:43:07+10:00August 6th, 2021|Home Staging General Interest|

Record low interest rates, government incentives and money saved instead of spent on international holidays are all reasons why the Australian real estate market reached its absolute peak in 2021. If you are thinking about selling your home now, chances are you have already asked yourself this question: “If everything is selling so quickly, why would I even need to stage my home?”   And that’s a very fair question. As professional Home-Stagers, we’ve been observing the Brisbane housing prices for the last four years. When the market started rising, we’ve seen lots of anecdotal evidence pointing [...]

Stylist Spotlight | Meet Jenessa

By |2021-08-03T15:12:32+10:00August 3rd, 2021|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging|

Meet Jenessa! Also known as Jo’nessa, Vanessa or Jess, but we have settled on ‘Nessie’. She is our Lead Property Stylist and next month she’ll be celebrating her 3rd year work anniversary, which makes her one of Foxy’s OG team members. Nessie has witnessed and directly contributed to the rapid growth of our company, she has seen us succeed and fail over and over again and is here to tell the story! 1. What do you remember about your beginnings? I started in September 2018, in the middle of [...]

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