Meet Jenessa!

Also known as Jo’nessa, Vanessa or Jess, but we have settled on ‘Nessie’.

She is our Lead Property Stylist and next month she’ll be celebrating her 3rd year work anniversary, which makes her one of Foxy’s OG team members. Nessie has witnessed and directly contributed to the rapid growth of our company, she has seen us succeed and fail over and over again and is here to tell the story!

1. What do you remember about your beginnings?

I started in September 2018, in the middle of spring, which is our busiest season. My background is in admin and events, I had absolutely no styling experience, so I had to hit the ground running very quickly. In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing because I came in with the attitude of ‘I know that I know nothing’, which has pushed me to fully immerse myself in the environment and ask questions. Do the whole… you know… ‘fake it till you make it’, which has been my motto for the past 3 years, hahaha!

2. What is your favourite style?

I’d say modern trendy with colours.

Which is shocking, because as a person I only ever wear black, but for some reason when it comes to home styling – suddenly I LOVE colour, haha! Styling the usual, ‘everyday’ houses can get a bit mundane over time, so anytime we get to do something out of the norm, I have so much fun! There’s something really exciting about the novelty, you get to look up new inspo pics, do something different… it’s fun!

3. What is your favourite decoration?

At the moment, it’s a resin vase arrangement or black beads.

4. What is your most favourite bed you’ve ever styled?

I have two!

My personal style is very traditional, I like panelling and coffered ceilings… that’s the kind of house I want to live in one day, something with a lot of character and tradition. But in terms of staging, I have a lot of fun doing modern.

*looks dreamily off to the distance*

Maybe I’ll need two houses.

5. What is your most favourite living room you’ve ever styled?

Definitely Beatrice Street, that was the first competition we did with Phoebe! It was one of those architecturally designed homes with fun angles and beautiful pendant lights, so we could be a bit more adventurous with our styling. When we style a family home (let’s say in Carindale), it needs to be very warm, whereas with this one we could create more of a styled, magazine look.

Photo credit: Real Estate

6. What is your LEAST favourite room to style?

I’d say study. There’s not much to it, you can only make a desk, a chair and a rug look as beautiful as it can be. I just find them really uptight, I don’t know. They represent work. When you come home and see a living room or a bedroom, it’s all about relaxation. And then you see the office and it’s just… work.

Wait, that sounds bad. I DO like my job.

7. What was your biggest FAIL? 

Ugh, I remember this one. I just started doing furniture lists and for some reason, I’ve completely missed two bedrooms worth of furniture… and it was a Foxy First Class job, too! The client was based interstate and he was one of those people who like to be very involved in the process. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… unless you forget two bedrooms!

So anyway, we luckily managed to get the photographer to come back and take photos of the bedrooms (after we brought the additional furniture in) and the client never knew!

But we had an amazing result, this house was on the market three times already and after we’ve styled it, it sold during the first weekend for a much better price than they expected!

8. What was your biggest WIN? 

I don’t want this to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but probably being promoted to a Lead Stylist. I mean… coming to this industry with no experience and getting a Lead Stylist position within 3 years is a pretty big jump.

9. What was your funniest moment? 

My funniest moment? *thinks*

Wait, I’ll go ask Cam, he’ll know. *walks off*

“Caaaaaaaaaaam? Hey Cam! What’s the funniest moment I’ve had at Foxy?”

Cam: “There’s not one moment, your whole life is a joke.”

Everyone: “Ooof.”

Jenessa: “Yeah, he’s got a point. I am just a complete clutz in general… if there is a step, I’ll trip over it. Every day I fall over myself. Every day is a new bruise. How haven’t I damaged more stock or been in a cast yet is beyond me.”

Note for the readers: Our team culture is based on jokes and playful banter. We poke fun at each other all day, but we are all very close and spend a lot of time together outside of work. So, if Cam’s comment seems a bit harsh, don’t worry. Ness will dish it right back 🙂

10. After work, I spend my time…

… with my cat. Hahahaha, no don’t write that. Let’s just go with baking or watching reality TV shows.

11. I spend my weekends…

…drinking gin.

Eva: “Haha! Wait… can I…. can I actually put that in?”

Jenessa: “It is what it is. The one I’m drinking at the moment has a really pretty bottle. I can’t wait to bring it in once it’s finished.”

Thanks for reading!

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