July 2017

Did Your Real Estate Agent Recommend Styling Your Home For Sale?

By |2019-02-12T16:43:05+10:00July 27th, 2017|Home Staging General Interest, Selling Your Home|

As a small business owner, I like to have an understanding of where our clients find us. Were they referred by previous clients, did they find us on google or did their agent recommend us? When having this discussion, it is always surprising to hear a client mention that their agent told them to list the house as is and not bother tending to odd jobs. So, it got me thinking, what reasons an agent might have for not recommending property styling?       Lack of understanding The most an agent might tell you is to ‘de-clutter’, and that’s [...]

How To Style A Magazine Worthy Kitchen Pantry

By |2019-02-12T16:43:05+10:00July 13th, 2017|DIY, Home Staging Tips|

When styling a home for sale, a lot of sellers make the mistake of concentrating on the key selling points of a home and they overlook areas that are hidden by closed doors. It still surprises me when a client hasn’t thought of styling their kitchen pantry to some degree. Now, a messy pantry won’t break a sale but styling is all about helping potential buyers fall in love with your home, so your pantry needs as much care as any other spot in the house. So, lets cover the basics of styling your kitchen pantry for sale.   Purge [...]

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