When styling a home for sale, a lot of sellers make the mistake of concentrating on the key selling points of a home and they overlook areas that are hidden by closed doors. It still surprises me when a client hasn’t thought of styling their kitchen pantry to some degree. Now, a messy pantry won’t break a sale but styling is all about helping potential buyers fall in love with your home, so your pantry needs as much care as any other spot in the house. So, lets cover the basics of styling your kitchen pantry for sale.



If your pantry is chock full of stuff, you’re sending a message to the buyer that you don’t have storage space. This is the last thing you want! Look at every item to check expiry dates and throw out anything that has expired. Group small bags of food like rice, beans and spice mixes into a basket. This will make everything feel more organised, unified and clean.




One of the best ways to have an organised pantry it is to divide it into zones. Zoning will not only help you keep the pantry neat, it will also help to reduce your meal preparation time while you are still living in the house. Grouping items together by category will make your pantry appear more organised, consider sections for pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, breakfast cereals and so on (you’ll also be able to find that piece of chocolate faster when you need it!).

Storage options

Creative storage options are a phenomenal solution to staging your pantry. Containers are perfect for storing items such as packets and pastas, and you can label them, stack them on top of each other, and save space. Tupperware has an amazing collection of stackable modulars that create perfect room in small spaces, but mason jars, woven baskets, even chines containers will produce the same effect.


So, the general rule of pantry staging? A messy space can give the impression of a lack of storage space. Time to clean it out, throw out the old items, zone and contain!


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