January 2022

Cost Comparison of Home Staging – DIY vs Professional

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A beautifully presented home is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy, with 44% of Australian Buyers admitting to having paid more for a home just because “they really liked it”. * *Click here to read “Psychology Behind Home Buying”. However, preparing a home for sale can be a costly process, leaving a limited amount of money for the staging, which makes a lot of homeowners resort to low-cost options. --- Most people assume that DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Staging is the perfect solution for selling their home on a limited budget. After all, they [...]

June 2021

DIY Home Staging in 7 Steps

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When you’re putting your house on the market, a great presentation is the key to boosting your home’s value. The question whether home-staging actually works is almost irrelevant these days, with cities like Sydney and Melbourne making professional home-staging an ingrained, non-negotiable part of the selling process. Why should you stage your home? When making a significant decision such as purchasing a house, people tend to think they are acting from a logical standpoint. Truth is, they often don’t. They buy emotionally, whether they like to admit it or not. Staging helps buyers form that necessary emotional connection by [...]

January 2021

How To Style a Bedroom on a Budget | Without Looking Cheap

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The favourite part of our job is seeing the look on the homeowner’s face when they enter their newly staged house. It’s a mix of surprise, amazement and joy, shortly followed with “I should have had my property styled years ago!”. --- The next stage is pondering… “I wonder if I could recreate this look in my new home…”. Well guess what. Yes, you absolutely can! And there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars (even though we did, but that's because we want your house to sell quickly and for a good price). I [...]

8 Tips to Depersonalise Your Home Before Selling

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When preparing your home for sale, decluttering and depersonalising your space is an important step in the home staging process. If you want to sell quickly and at the highest price, you need to enable the potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your house. Any visible personal items (e.g. family portraits) would cause friction in their imagination and be a constant reminder that the house they’re looking at belongs to someone else. “A properly staged house should feel warm, welcoming & homely, without the “footprint” of the previous owner.” We have put together eight tips [...]

May 2017

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

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Recently, I’ve attended several consults to help prepare a home to be listed for sale during spring. Credit to these homeowners, they are very prepared and giving themselves plenty of time to present their homes well. But I thought I would take the opportunity today to talk about why spring, with its’ flowers in bloom, green lawns and new foliage, isn’t necessarily the best or the worst time to sell. I would like to share with you, why there is no best time to sell your house, with each season bringing its own strengths.   Spring Let’s start with the [...]