Blog Series ‘Think Outside The Fox’ | Episode 7

When staging homes for sale, sometimes we’re greeted with the colours of the rainbow when we walk through the front door. One wall might be pink, another yellow and another green. These coloured walls give a home a unique personality, a talking point if you will. It can make a house stand out from others because it’s bold and different. But, coloured walls present a challenge when it comes to adding in furniture and decor, and without engaging the help of professionals this can be a daunting process. This is where home staging comes in! 

Believe it or not, quirky homes benefit the most from home staging, as stylists help to bring in the right furnishings and accessories for the space in order to highlight the home’s best features and appeal to more homebuyers. When styled correctly, coloured walls can look gorgeous and really add a wow factor to a home, allowing potential buyers to picture themselves living in the space. So, how do we style a room so it complements the colours instead of clashing with them? 

Recently, we were tasked to stage a four bedroom house in the South-Western Brisbane suburb of Oxley where every room had different coloured walls. Silvana was the lead stylist for this install and she did a beautiful job of seamlessly integrating furniture and decor into each room in a way that worked perfectly with the pre-existing colours. Let’s explore her design choices so you can replicate her approach in your home to achieve beautifully styled bold coloured rooms.

8 Muirlea Street in Oxley is full of fun and funky walls. From a pink living room, to a bedroom with yellow walls, an office with cheetah print wallpaper and everything in between, this house had it all! When it came to staging the home, there were two ways Silvana could have gone about it – using neutrals or playing with the colours. 


The biggest rule we have when it comes to styling rooms with bold walls is to not introduce any new colours, as this can lead to colour clashes and make the room too busy for the eye. For this reason, one of the best options is to bring in neutral and monochrome coloured furniture pieces and accessories, such as blacks, whites, creams and greys. By doing this you tone down the bright colours, which helps prospective buyer’s to fall in love with the home and its unique walls.

Neutral Coloured Palette


If you’re feeling adventurous, you could choose to style the room by leaning into the colours of the walls, which is what Silvana did at this house in Oxley. By taking a look at the photos above, you’ll see in each room the furniture pieces, artwork, linen and accessories all bring in the colours of the wall, tying each space together perfectly. For example, Silvana used a cushion and throw with a pop of yellow, as well as black bedside tables and lamps to match the bright yellow walls and black curtains in the master bedroom. Similarly, in the living room with pink walls, she incorporated pink artwork and cushions. 

Coloured Palette

By taking a risk and playing with the colours, it makes each room look seamless throughout. This can appeal to the emotions, attracting more potential buyers.


Another way we style with bold walls is by using glass top furniture items, such as coffee and dining tables, in conjunction with greenery. Incorporating glass items helps to open up a room, making it appear more spacious and bright. In rooms such as the one above that features a busy cheetah print wallpaper, using a glass top table was the best option to ensure the decor and furniture items didn’t compete with the room’s features. Similarly, by bringing in some greenery it helps to bring a space to life by adding a natural pop of colour that doesn’t detract from the room’s overall look or distract the eye. 

If you’re not sure how to  integrate the room’s colours into your styling, opting for monochromes is an easier and safer option, and is also bound to look good! But, for those up for more of a challenge, why not lean into the colours and get your creative juices flowing?! If you have coloured walls in your home and are looking to revamp the space, utilise our tips and styling suggestions and you’ll have a picture perfect room in no time! 

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