Blog Series ‘Think Outside The Fox’ | Episode 3

Feature walls make for an exciting design element in any room. Bold colour choices can add a splash of personality to your home and really liven up the space.

But when it’s time to sell your house, feature walls can become a disadvantage.

In most instances, your real estate agent would recommend repainting the wall(s) into a more neutral colour to attract the highest number of potential buyers. Of course, this is not always a feasible option. Things like your budget or not worthy ROI (Return on Investment) can often stand in the way.

If you fall into this category of homeowners, you now have two options.

  • Leave it as is and consequently segregate a certain area of the market – people who can’t see past the bold colours
  • Or you can engage the help of a professional home stager

Styling helps in a couple of ways. It makes the place feel bigger & more modern, but most importantly – it helps tone down the bold paint colours. Doing this will allow the buyers to see the potential of incorporating the coloured wall into their own lifestyle.

So how do we tone down the bold and bright colours on feature walls?

“The biggest secret is choosing the right artwork. It must compliment the wall colour in a subtle way.” – Phoebe Shorter | Chief Stylist

Our Stylist’s Checklist:

select artwork that reflects the pastel version of the bold colours on the walls

bring in neutral-coloured furniture (beige, white, cream…)

choose neutral-coloured cushions with hints of pastel version of the wall paint

minimal pattern

avoid trying to match the wall colour – it will compete for attention and feel excessive & cluttered

Below are some examples of a very colourful house we staged recently, located in Springfield Lakes QLD.

Foxy TV – Episode 91

Watch the full episode & Phoebe’s explanation here.

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