Meet Silvana!

If you’ve been keeping up with our Stylist Spotlight blogs you’ll have already met most of our super stylists here at Foxy, but now it’s time to say g’day to our smiley Silvana, or Sil as we like to call her! Sil has been with us for quite a few months now and is a happy, bubbly, ball of energy! As someone who is always laughing and so happy to help others, she’s a joy to be around, as you’ll see from all the laughing we experienced throughout our conversation! 

When she started here at Foxy, Sil already had some experience with styling… but not in the way you may initially think! Now, she’s killing the home staging game and always getting compliments with the beautiful looks she achieves! It’s no surprise that with her creative flair she has heaps of fun doing what she does and thinks this is the best job she’s ever had!

Keep reading to find out more and get to know Sil!

Meet Silvana

1. How long have you been at Foxy and what did you do before starting here?

Sil: I’ve been with Foxy since December last year, so maybe five-ish months… I don’t know, I can’t count haha.

Laura: That’s probably seven months by now…

Sil: Math’s is not my strong point hahaha. Anyway, before starting at Foxy I was a visual merchandising manager, so it’s kind of like styling for retail stores. I managed a high-end kids furniture store.

2. What do you remember about your beginnings at Foxy?

Sil: I remember that everything was really, really fast paced and I was sweating every day, because I started in summer. And I just remember how loud it was and how everyone here was friends with each other. I was like ‘what?! No, I’m too introverted for this place!’. It was really scary hahaha. I was like ‘how are you all so extroverted?!’.

Laura: But now you fit in well.

Sil: Yeah!

3. What’s your favourite style?

Sil: Hmmm I’d go tribal, because tribal just works almost always, somehow. Either that or I guess it’s called plantation, which incorporates really old school looking things, palms and a lot of books.

Laura: That’s when you have a mix of light and dark colours, right?

Sil: Yeah, and it’s when there’s a lot of timbers everywhere. I like everything to be honest haha.

Plantation Style
Tribal Style

4. What’s your favourite decoration?

Ummm, I don’t know. I think in general I really like grand candlestick holders. Does that make sense? They’re really elegant and are just very classic looking. It’s easy to do symmetry and make things look nice and classic. I don’t know. I’ve said classic three times now hahah *(she actually only said it twice, but that’s ok, three is close enough)*. Otherwise, I just really like big things. Like a nice big vase. Half the time that’s all you need. A statement vase just makes a table.

5. Which bed that you’ve styled has been your favourite?

Sil: There’s a few, I really like beds haha! I think probably, just to make it easy, my very first bed that I ever made when I started is my favourite. It was for this really big job called Octantus. It was a king bed and it was all neutrals, and I just put as many cushions on top of it as I could. It was all whites and tans and very pretty.
Laura: Oooh that sounds very nice, I’m going to go look that one up.
Sil: It’s in a reel!
Laura: Is it?! Omg yay! I’m going to include it in this blog haha (refer to the video on the right, or below on a mobile device).

6. Which living room is your favourite to date?

Sil: Hmmm that’s harder. I think it was probably one of my first jobs too, called Skyview. I think it was more my favourite because going in there were a lot of blue furniture pieces and I wasn’t sure about them.

Laura: Hahaha was it an integrated install?

Sil: No no, it was vacant. I just wasn’t expecting the furniture I had to be so in your face and I was so confused. It was like two living areas as well. But once everything was set up it looked really pretty. And I was like ‘oh actually I like it now’ haha.

Laura: So you started off questioning it and in the end you were like ‘oh it’s great’ and now it’s your favourite to date?

Sil: Yeah, that I can remember.

Skyview Lounge 1
Skyview Lounge 2

7. Which is your least favourite room to style and why?

Sil: I can’t say laundry because I feel like that’s just, whatever. Like you just put towels in it and it’s not really a room hahaha. Hmm let me think about it.

*A moment of silence*

Laura: Toilet? 

*Laughter erupts around the room*

Sil: Definitely…

*Takes some time to think*

Sil: Maybe a study, let’s go with study. No, but I like doing studies… ummm… yeah. I just think with studies there’s a fine line between having too much and too little. And because it’s a work sort of area it can be a little underwhelming. It still looks nice, but it’s not like a bedroom where you’ve got all your cushions and your bedhead and your lamps. 

Laura: Do you find it harder to make it a nice place in the house?

Sil: No, it’s just ‘cause it’s more boring. It’s easy to style but it’s not as satisfying.

8. What has been your biggest fail?

Sil: Wow! Okay I’m going to go with this. The other day I was trying to take the tunnel, and I was 10 minutes away from my install and I literally missed my turn three times. It’s just tunnels, and getting to places with the tunnels. One time I missed my turn because my GPS told me to take another road and then I had to do a U-Turn through the Clem7, and it was peak traffic time.

Laura: Oh… okay… so anything to do with tunnels is a fail?

Sil: Yeah hahah. Oh, actually, you know what? It would also have to be bedheads. At an install I’ll say yes to a bedhead, like I did today, and I’ve done this in a master bedroom as well, and then it doesn’t match what my bed linen is and I’ve had to just deal with it because the boys have already gone. And then I’m just like ‘the styles are really different but anywayyyy’. It’s always worked, but it’s happened more than once.

Laura: Okay so your fails are bedheads and tunnels?

Sil: Yeah. Definitely put the tunnels in, every time I get betrayed. 

Laura: Tunnels and bedheads, got it. Two very different things haha. 

9. What’s your biggest win?

Sil: Oh that’s even harder. Ummm…. Ahhhh…

*30 seconds of Sil tapping her nails on the desk later*

Sil: So maybe my biggest win would be from a job with one of the agents we work with a lot. It was the last job I did for him and the house sold really quickly. Going in I was really confused about the layout but then once I was finished it looked really nice. Then later that night the agent messaged Phoebe after he went through the place and said it was a ‘f***ing awesome job’. Hearing that from someone coming into it being like ‘it was epic’ I was like oh yeah cool, I know how to do my job hahaha.

Laura: That’s awesome. That’s such a nice compliment!

10. What is your funniest moment?

Sil: I’m not a funny person hahaha. Hmmm my funniest moment. Hahaha what? What a weird question.

*Both start laughing*

Laura: You’re like ‘you’re a weirdo why are you asking me this?’ hahaha.

Sil: Not funny ‘haha’…

Laura and Sil together: FUNNY ‘WEIRD’ (if you watch TikTok’s, you’ll know what we mean here)

*Whole room starts laughing*

Sil: Oh it was the other day when I had to… *starts laughing mid sentence*

Laura: You’re laughing already, it must be good.

Sil: I got to my job early and I tried to open the front door and it literally took me 10 to 15 minutes, because I had all the keys, so there were about 10 keys, and I tried every single key three times and none of them would fit. I went all the way around the house and tried all the windows, and one of the windows opened so I was like ‘hmm I could break in’ haha. I literally went around the house three times to see if there was another entry point. Anyway, eventually one of the keys did go in but then I realised that I needed another key in the second lock on the door and I couldn’t loop them in at the same time because it wouldn’t stay. So, I just couldn’t get the front door open for ages and I was like ‘oh, I’ve wasted a lot of time here’.

*A few moments of silence*

Sil: Funny weird.

*Starts laughing again*

Sil: Otherwise it’s the tunnels again.

11. After work I spend my time…

*Without hesitation*

Sil: Sleeping.

Laura: Relatable.

Sil: Ummm lately I’ve been going out a lot because there’s a lot of food events that have happened. Oh, and actually I go to the gym every day after work.

Laura: Okay. Gym, food and sleep.

Sil: Yeah, gym, food and sleep.

Laura: That’s a good mix, I like it.

12. I spend my weekends…

Sil: Same thing. Sleeping, shopping, eating. 

Laura: I feel like I see on your Instagram stories that you catch up with friends a lot on weekends.

Sil: I do yeah. Just refer to my stories, I don’t know what I do hahah.

Thanks for reading!

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