Appeal to a Broader Market

This week we’re going to look at how home staging and a touch of renovations can work wonders in helping your property appeal to a broader market. We’ll have a look at an example property, a 3-bedroom apartment right by the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point. And we’ll chat about some simple changes that can transform a property.


12 weeks ago we had a consultation with the owners of this property at Kangaroo Point. Phoebe noted that the carpets and older paint job significantly aged the property. These are two small (ish – depending on if you do it yourself or hire contractors) changes that can completely revive your property. So, since the consultation, they replaced the carpets and added some fresh coats of paint and with that the property’s transformation began!

Now let’s look at the staging choices that helped us appeal to a broad range of demographics.
Appeal to a Broader MarketAppeal to a Broader Market

The Demographic

Our target market encompasses a vast tapestry of potential buyers. And with our staging approach, we aim to cast a wide net that resonates with multiple demographics. Our mission revolves around modernising the property by using contemporary furniture to breathe fresh life into the home. While the location of Kangaroo Point traditionally attracts downsizers seeking a relaxed lifestyle, we’re here to illustrate that this space can equally allure a younger crowd. Nestled in the heart of the city, it holds untapped appeal for those with a professional, urban-oriented outlook. So, we’ve thoughtfully strung together elements that avoid excessive trends or overly specific themes – so, no dramatic blacks or ultra-trendy accessories. Instead, we’ve focused on a modern, versatile aesthetic that bridges the gap between age groups, painting a compelling picture for a diverse range of potential buyers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the rooms and how we’ve staged them to appeal to a broader market!

Master Bedroom

Step into the master bedroom, where there’s a touch of natural light, but not enough that we would select dark colours or heavy furniture. So, we’ve kept things light, bright and airy, and avoided anything too heavy or dark. By infusing a coastal flair, we’re hitting that sweet spot that clicks with both a younger and older demographic. And the coastal theme has more benefits than that. It’s one that shines in professional real estate photos and stays true to colour. Coastal style has stuck around for a long time now, leading us to think it’s no longer a fleeting trend, and more like that timeless favourite you can’t help but love.

Read this blog to learn all about styling a master bedroom!
Appeal to a Broader Market

Single Bedroom & Study

  • Appeal to a Broader Market
  • Appeal to a Broader Market

Now let’s peek into the single bedroom with a nifty study twist. This one’s a double whammy, designed to catch the eye of both demographics. We have a snug single bed ready to accommodate visiting family or friends, catering to Grandma and Grandpa’s needs. But we’ve also decked out the space with a study corner to woo the younger or more professional crowd. A double bed wouldn’t fit the space (in terms of styling for sale), which is why we decided to layout the room this way, to ensure its appeal to a broader market.

Combined Living & Dining

Now let’s head into the heart of the home – the combined living and dining space, where we have two things we want to capitalise on. First up, that stunning river view, which steals the show. And second, ensuring the space feels open and airy. We kept the living area casual to prove that a TV can work within the space without feeling cramped. And the six-seater dining table shows off the space in the room. And most importantly, we made sure nothing gets in the way of that gorgeous view! 

Watch the Foxy TV below for a more detailed walk through the property. And please reach out on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn if you have any comments or questions.

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