Today I thought we could talk about bedrooms. Not the kids rooms, the guest rooms or that small bedroom but let’s talk about the big old Master Bedroom. You’d think that as a stylist, the master bedroom in my own home would be dressed to the nines with too many cushions to count, grand bedside lamps and ridiculously expensive linen. Truth be told, the bed is unmade, the lamps are from Bunnings, there’s a dog bed in the corner and while the linen is freshly washed, it’s by no means extravagant. Why am I telling you this? Well, this is the typical master bedroom we will see when we meet our clients for the first time at their initial consultation. So I understand, that when we make suggestions for styling the bedrooms and describe the ideal presentation, everything will be hired or purchased new and the concept can be daunting.


So Why Invest the Money?

It’s no secret that there are two rooms in the home that will win the heart of a potential female buyer – the kitchen and the master bedroom. It is integral that both of these rooms are presented perfectly to create that special emotional connection with the buyer and have them fall in love. Think about it – nobody is going to (positively) remember the home with Fido’s bed in the corner, odd socks on the bed and a fifth bedroom used as a study come paperwork dumping ground. So, we need to help create this love story, so buyers will reminisce about your master bedroom on a Saturday night after looking through a long list of master bedrooms (yes, I realised how this sounds but roll with it).


I Get it but What if I Don’t have a Stylist who can do it for me?

This leads me to what I thought we could talk about today. I could use phrases like, ‘the use of layers in bedroom styling is vital or the introduction of light and shade into the styling will create a great end result’, but I’m going to keep it simple… I’d like to show you what bedroom “fluff” to put where and why, so that we can create a master bedroom envious of a magazine cover.


Strip it Back

Furniture wise, your bedroom should only consist of a bed, two bedside tables and if it’s generous in size, an occasional chair or two, so remove anything extra to this. Why? Well, when styling for sale, you need to proactively eliminate any negative thoughts a buyer might have about your space…….if we think about this specifically for the Master Bedroom.

  • Remove all tallboys, chest of drawers or dressers – these can give the buyer the impression of lack of space
  • Remove anything stored under the bed/on the floor – another give away for lack of space
  • Pack away any tv’s – your bedroom is a sanctuary….help your potential buyers buy into this idea
  • Basically remove all furniture that isn’t bedroom related (i.e desks, cabinets, additional beds) – don’t confuse the space


Add Fluff

The bare minimum for this is –

  • A Valance – unless you have a bedframe….don’t own a valance? Don’t worry about buying one, throw a fitted sheet over the ensemble base instead.
  • A fitted sheet
  • Doona with a doona cover – our go to for homes with clients living in them, is a simple white waffle weave linen set. It looks high end and doesn’t crease
  • 2 x Standard Pillows with the pillowcases from your linen set
  • 2 x European Pillows with white pillowcase
  • 3 x decorative cushions (don’t go crazy with patterns or colours)
  • 1 x throw rug (make sure it complements the cushions)


Now when it comes to putting it all together, there is a bit of a failsafe formula!

Not convinced? The below images are bedrooms that we have recently styled using this failsafe method.

Now, the trickiest of part of styling the bed, is determining where to put your throw rug –

*Neat and Tidy

If your someone who prefers the tidier look than this is probably the easiest way you could dress your bed with a throw. All you need to do is fold your throw in half and then in half again, simply lay it across the end of your bed or underneath the fold of your doona.


A lot of people think that styling with a throw means that it must be perfectly folded and perfectly placed on the end of the bed however, they look just as amazing casually draped off the corner of the bed.

*Double it Up

Who said you can’t have more than one throw? Styling with more than one throw can add a variety of colour and texture to your bedroom without it being too much or looking overdone

Add Accessories + Art

Finish everything off with a pair of lamps….these don’t have to be expensive. $99 will get you a beautiful pair of lamps from Target, just like the ones seen below. The Foxy rule is however, that the Master Bedroom must have lamps with shades….they just add that little luxe feeling. Again, don’t add colour with your lamps….keep them simple.


Hang a piece of art above the bed….if there a windows above the bed, pop it on another blank wall. Try to keep the art impersonal, inoffensive and simple. Try to think about the colours in the cushions and the throw rug, and go for something in the same tones.


Optional Extras

If your Master Bedroom is more of the size of a master suite, definitely add in a sitting area. Be careful not to use this to add a statement to the room, instead use chairs that are neutral in colour and compliment the bedding. Why do I keep saying this?? Rooms styled with neutral colours, that complement each other take amazing photos…..your property’s photography is the first point of contact for your potential buyers and they create a knock out, first impression.


Other pieces like bedheads, floor mirrors, floor rugs, plants etc all have their place but incorporating them really does depend on the size of your room. Don’t over complicate it!


I guess the hardest part about a styled master bedroom, is actually living with it during the sales period! Some of our clients will actually get a second set of linen to sleep under, with the styled linen popped away and prepped for open homes only. Otherwise, I don’t really have any helpful advice for this part!!


Have fun setting the scene for a love story and as always thanks for reading!







Images courtesy of:

  1. All images from Foxy Home Staging



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