As a small business owner, I like to have an understanding of where our clients find us. Were they referred by previous clients, did they find us on google or did their agent recommend us? When having this discussion, it is always surprising to hear a client mention that their agent told them to list the house as is and not bother tending to odd jobs. So, it got me thinking, what reasons an agent might have for not recommending property styling?




Lack of understanding

The most an agent might tell you is to ‘de-clutter’, and that’s it. You’re basically left on your own to tidy up, so why aren’t the agents advising you to get a property stylist? Honestly, there are a number of agents who just don’t understand the importance and benefits of styling each room and showcasing how each space can be used. Agents are increasingly embracing property styling, as are vendors, so this won’t stand as an excuse for long!


Invest in Advertising

Some agents may try to convince you to spend money on premium advertising rather than home styling. Time and time again, we see underwhelming photos posted on Imagine the potential this advertising could have with a beautifully styled interior!


Too Far Gone

If we are honest, there are those properties that are beyond needing just a little love and attention. Those properties are proudly titled ‘the renovators dream’ and a touch of paint or furniture definitely won’t be worth the investment at sale time.


If we are honest, most of the time your agent will give you great advice. Sometimes the vendor can teach the agent a thing or two though!


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