Record low interest rates, government incentives and money saved instead of spent on international holidays are all reasons why the Australian real estate market reached its absolute peak in 2021.

If you are thinking about selling your home now, chances are you have already asked yourself this question:

“If everything is selling so quickly, why would I even need to stage my home?”


And that’s a very fair question.

As professional Home-Stagers, we’ve been observing the Brisbane housing prices for the last four years. When the market started rising, we’ve seen lots of anecdotal evidence pointing to staged homes still selling for a better price, but we could not prove it without sounding speculative.

Until we staged a home that was for sale in the same booming market beforehand (previously unstaged).

And the difference was a striking $110,000 Return On Investment for the client!

This particular property has been on the market previously with no luck securing a serious deal. The owners then re-listed their home with another agent, did a few small touch-ups AND as per the agent’s recommendation – they got their home professionally staged.

The result? Once staged, it has sold within a week for $125,000 above asking price!

You can read the full article here or watch the Foxy TV episode.

(fast-forward to 6:33)

Here’s the thing.

If you want to sell your home for (or above) your asking price, you must do all the right things. Do your research, find a great agent, create a smart pricing strategy, fix all the leaky taps, invest into marketing… the list goes on. There’s no way around doing the right thing. A half-assed approach leads to half-assed results.  Yes, even in a hot market.

There are two types of Agents.

  • There are good quality Agents, who know the value of home staging (most of them have experienced it first-hand) and recommend it. These Agents see home-staging for what it is -an investment. Remember, they have a vested financial interest in helping you get the best price possible.
  • And there are Agents who are worried they will lose your listing if they talk about any additional charges. These Agents either don’t have enough experience with selling staged homes or they are anxious to lose you as a client. These Agents usually talk about minimising your upfront costs instead of maximising the price for your home.

Another important factor you need to take into consideration is your competition.

If the buyers go to multiple open homes a day, the one that will be most memorable for them is the property that was beautifully styled. Remember that any experienced Home-Stager knows the way to the buyers’ hearts and has carefully considered the colour psychology and decoration details. It’s way more than just a pretty look ;).

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In conclusion…

The answer is YES, you should get your home professionally staged. To be honest, it may not even be as expensive as you think it is, so why not get a free quote to find out for yourself?

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If you are really worried about losing money if your home doesn’t sell, we have the perfect solution for you – Foxy First Class. This is our premium No Sale – No Pay package with a guarantee of success. If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay a cent. Simple!

Watch Phoebe explain it in her own words in this video (fast-forward to 2:26).

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