Meet Cassie!

Meet Cassie, our longest employee! Her signature smile (seriously, have you seen how white her teeth are?!), kind nature and organised work ethic will make you fall in love with her faster than she can say “Cuuuuuuute!”. Which, if you ask anyone at Foxy, she says all the time.

Cass divides her styling career into “pre-P” and “post-P” times, with “P” being her adorable baby girl Penelope, who is just so… what’s the word I’m looking for… cuuuuuuuute! Cassie is now back in a part-time capacity at 3 days a week, which Cam lovingly nicknamed “the backbone of the midweek”.

1. How long have you been at Foxy?

Oooh… hang on, let me do the math. I go by Christmas parties… I think I’ve had four of them, so… four years?

Before Foxy I used to work at a furniture hire place and Phoebe was one of my clients. We’ve been working together for a while and then one day she just said, “Come work for me!” and I did. The job interview was at the Coffee Club, and when I got the job, we were still operating from Phoebe’s garage, haha!

2. What is your favourite style?

I really like colour, but everyone here would say Tribal. For some reason, my brain picks everything tribal by default. I just love the cute animal prints, tan leather sofas and black features. And green always works with it, you can never have too much green!

*Phoebe & Jenessa walk in*

Eva: “Perfect timing! What do you think is Cassie’s favourite style?”

Phoebe & Jenessa simultaneously: “Tribal.”

3. What is your favourite property that you’ve styled with the Tribal Design?

Phoeeebeee! What’s my favourite tribal property? You’ll have to excuse me; I have a terrible memory when it comes to these things. But Phoebe knows all my favourites!

Phoebe: “I’d say you really liked the one where Steve almost died with gastro! Or the one where someone didn’t drink enough water and almost fainted. I was literally going in for a C-section while talking to you on the phone, remember that one?”

Cassie: “Yes, I do! I was like ‘stop ringing me and go have a baby’, hahaha! You were giving me a rundown of the next day’s install!”

Eva: *proceeds to write notes faster, visibly uncomfortable*

4. What is your favourite decoration?

Oooh… *looks around*… what do I hog? I feel like I hog a few things. Mostly anything resin!

5. What is your most favourite bed you’ve ever styled?

I do like eight beds a day; my brain doesn’t remember them all! But I’ll always be a fan of the one that won me a voucher. This was like two years ago, so it probably looks really basic now compared to all the beautiful things we own. But that day, Phoebe posted a poll on Instagram and asked people to vote which bed do they like better. Everyone voted for mine and long behold – I won a voucher for the Calile Hotel!

5. What is your most favourite living area you’ve ever styled?

It would have to be Annie Street in Auchenflower. At that time, most of the stock we brought it was brand new, so it was pretty exciting to see all the new furniture pieces together. And again, it’s the combination of black and green for me.

Link to the real estate listing here.

6. What is your LEAST favourite room to style?

Studies always stump me. Normally, it’s just a desk in there. Or maybe if the room is more spacious, you can have a grand seating area, but that’s about it. You can never go too extravagant in a study.

7. What is your biggest FAIL?

When I opened my boot and that super expensive lamp fell out!

It was this brand new, amazing lamp and I broke it before we could even use it for the first time. It was wedged in nicely and then… it was not. It must have been my driving, hahaha.

To be honest I’m still really bummed about it; I have picked the lamps personally and then I broke one… and now we only have an odd one. It was at the same house where Caitlin electrocuted herself on the fence, it wasn’t a good day for any of us, haha!

8. What is your biggest WIN?

I don’t even know… maybe just that I’ve been here for so long?

I started when Foxy was just a baby in the garage. All we had was just one shelf and that was literally all our accessories and I somehow had to make my selections from that. Crazy times!

9. What is your funniest moment?

My funniest moment? *goes deep in thought*

Jenessa: “Is it the bottles?”

Cassie: “The wine bottles? Oh no, that wasn’t funny at all. I was at an install with Phoebe and the clients had a built-in wine cellar in the kitchen. When we got there, they decided they wanted some wine for it, so I drove to the closest bottle-o, got about fifteen bottles of wine, and put them in my boot. The street was on a steep slope, so when Phoebe was about to open my boot, I yelled “Noooo! Don’t open the boot Phoebe!”, but she was chatting to the owner, didn’t hear me, opened it up and all the wine bottles fell out, smashed and rolled all the way down the street. Some of it went on Phoebe’s uniform and then she smelled like wine for the rest of the day, hahaha! Okay, it’s funny now, but it definitely wasn’t in the moment.

Otherwise, anything with Steve. He was just funny every day. He is where the ‘maddog status’ came from, haha!”

Note: The ‘maddog status’ is an expression we frequently use to congratulate someone on a job well done, most times used as a shout-out in our group chat. For example: ‘maddog status to Jenessa for having everything ready’

10. After work, I spend my time…

Hanging out with my dog and my kid. And my Dan, I guess I should say. (Note: Dan = husband)

11. I spend my weekends…

As above.

Thanks for reading!

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