Art is an absolute MUST when it comes to home styling. It creates a focal point, which makes it a key decoration that ties the room together. A well-chosen artwork adds character to the home and can even influence our mood! (link)

When it comes to outfitting your walls, a little repetition can be a good thing. A pair of matching (or identical) prints creates a pleasing sense of symmetry and is a perfect way to clearly identify the zones in your home.

That’s why we’ve chosen this article to showcase our favourite collection of two-piece wall arts that we’ve used for staging houses for sale.

Get ready to be inspired! ✨

13 Styling Ideas for Matching Pairs of Art

1. Sophisticated Pink

2. Tribal Inspiration

3. Tropical Moroccan

4. Coastal

5. Taupe Elegance

6. Tropical Green

7. Relaxing Blue

8. Modern Boho

9. Simply Trendy

10. Coastal Green

11. Contemporary

12. Elegant Tribal

13. Natural Green

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