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278 Horizon Dr, Westlake

contemporary home design

Client’s Brief:

“I give you free reign, do what you do best!”

We’ve had so much fun with this one! Some photos of this house have sparked a lot of controversy among the Foxy Team (all in good fun), but more on this at the end of the article.

Let’s talk about styling!

This home was a brand-new build in Westlake (about 25 minutes south-west from Brisbane CBD). We haven’t actually seen the interior in-person before the styling, having quoted based on just the floor plan and some photos.

The house had some beautiful finishes throughout, like the charcoal kitchen, porcelain tiles, or the dark bathrooms with feature cladding. Because these are all very modern elements, we’ve decided to dress the home in a contemporary style with a trendy feel.

contemporary style

Living Room:

We have based everything around the green feature sofa, colour-matching the cushions, the artworks, and other décor around the living areas.

The porcelain tiles were a perfect imitation of organic stone, which is why we’ve chosen to complement the style with other components representing the natural & earthy look. The concrete coffee table, hand-crafted wool rug, and leather barstools to name a few.

coffee table pictured from above

If you’d like to see the rest of the house, click HERE.

Where to Buy?

Coffee Table


Wholesale Supplier

(no longer available)


Vase: Freedom

Cushions: Freedom, Adairs & Pillow Talk

What if the furniture item I want is from a Wholesale Supplier?

We may be able to help you get it!

Depending on the item, the supplier and your location – we might be able to add your favourite piece to our next order.

Because there are so many variables, we will have to look at each request on a case by case basis.

Simply CLICK HERE to contact us and we will let you know!

What was so controversial about this?

The cushions!

It all started when I (Eva) have asked Phoebe about her opinion on styling with blue & green. Phoebe answered that we rarely combine these two colours, so I put this picture up in my phone.

Eva: “But what about these cushions? They are blue.”

Phoebe: “No, the’re black and grey!”

Eva: “No way!”

And then the boys got involved…

Russ: “If these cushions are NOT blue, then I am a woman!”

Jenessa: “Well we have some news for your fiancée then, because it was THIS cushion!” *proceeds to hold up a grey cushion*

Do you remember that white&gold vs. black&blue dress debate that went viral back in 2015?

Well, this was just like it, so we’ve decided to get Facebook and Instagram involved, asking our followers if they are on Team Blue or Team Black (click to see the posts).

Much to our Stylists’ disapproval, most people agreed with us and voted for Team Blue. Ha!

Now we’re all eagerly waiting for the house to sell, so we can all go back to the property and take a closer look at the actual colour of the cushions.

If you’re curious about the final verdict, follow us on Facebook or Instagram – we promise to keep you posted!

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