Kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where nourishing meals are cooked, families gather, and precious memories get made.

In our industry of styling homes for sale, kitchens are one of the most influential rooms when it comes to the buyers’ purchasing decision. A beautifully styled kitchen can be the difference between sealing the deal or moving on to the next house. (No pressure, right?)

The good thing is that over the years we’ve learned what people love, what works and what doesn’t, and we are about to share it all with you!

So if you were looking for the blog to spark your creativity, feel free to get inspired by some of the kitchens we’ve styled over the last four years.

1. Depth & Height Are Key

Human eye is naturally drawn to a cluster of items varying in depth & height. Why? Simple biology.

Our brains love depth perception – it helps us judge distance and better recognise and identify shapes, objects and potential threats.

How does this translate to kitchen styling? Make sure to use decorations varying in height (e.g. low bowl + medium-sized potted plant + large vase) and never place them next to each other. Instead create multiple layers with the largest items in the background and smallest at the front. Easy as!

kitchen bench with decorations

2. Serving Boards Are a Must

Timber serving boards are an incredibly versatile addition to your kitchen display. Apart from adding an element of nature, you can use them as a base for your other decorations or lean them against the splashback tiles to create a beautiful background.

kitchen bench display with timber boards

3. Get Adventurous With Textures & Shapes

Kitchens are generally full of hard materials (glass, stone, ceramic). To disrupt the hard & cold look you should bring in some warm & soft materials like napkins, tea towels, textured cookbooks or fabric-covered pots.

When it comes to decorating with different shapes, the same principle applies as in tip #1 – contrasting shapes create more interest for your eyes to explore.

differently shaped cutting boards with a tea towel underneath as a base
napkin rolled into a napkin holder

4. Display Matching Utensils

Salt & pepper shakers, tea pots, lemon juicer or even wooden utensils – all of these items have one thing in common. They create a playful feature in your kitchen display. We love creating matching pairs or finding a recipe suitable for the décor item we’ve chosen (e.g. pizza + rolling pin or guacamole + avocado masher).

cookbook open on a recipe with wooden utensils at front

5. Cookbooks for the Homely Feel

Do you remember what life was like before the internet? There used to be this thing called books and when you wanted to try cooking something new, you had to actually search and read through reams of text to find the one you’re after.

Okay, now that the teenagers closed this tab in horror, I am sure the majority of look back at these times fondly. Do you recall the days at nana’s place, when you were listing through a big cookbook together, deciding which pie you’re going to make next?

That’s the kind of vibe a cookbook can bring to your kitchen.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the choices of cookbooks out there, here is an article we wrote recently about how our Stylists choose the right books to decorate with.

6. Keep it Green & Fresh

There is one thing we never skimp on when it comes to decorating kitchen benches, or any other areas for that matter. GREENERY. Plants bring a sense of vibrancy, freshness & cleanliness and make a huge difference in real estate photography.

If you are not a fan of using plants as decorations for your own home, you can still keep the display looking fresh with a nice fruit bowl.

Bonus points for an easy & healthy snack within arm’s reach!

7. All in One Spot

Perfect solution for smaller kitchens or messy chefs (guiltyyyy)!

Place all your display decorations on a single tray and when the benchtop becomes a bit ‘too crowded’, simply pick up the entire tray and put it aside without messing up the look. Lazy? More like… GENIUS!

tray with kitchen decor
kitchen island with a tray placed on top containing a display of kitchen decorations

Thanks for reading!

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