A beautifully presented home is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy, with 44% of Australian Buyers admitting to having paid more for a home just because “they really liked it”. *

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However, preparing a home for sale can be a costly process, leaving a limited amount of money for the staging, which makes a lot of homeowners resort to low-cost options.

Most people assume that DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Staging is the perfect solution for selling their home on a limited budget. After all, they already own the house, so they know it inside and out. They can use their unique selling points to attract buyers with an even more unique set of wants.


But are you really saving money when doing your own staging?

The truth is that DIY home staging can in fact be more time consuming and significantly more expensive depending on the extra investment required. Sellers may also find themselves neglecting other home-related responsibilities in order to devote time to DIY staging efforts.

To some, the price of professional home-staging services may appear too high to justify, but it’s important to remember that home staging is not a cost, it is an investment. And even these upfront charges are becoming less of an issue, with more and more styling companies introducing delayed payment options, or even No Sale-No Pay packages.

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Let’s look at the cost difference between DIY home styling and engaging professional home staging services.

For this example, we’ve chosen a small 2-bedroom unit in the Brisbane CBD that we have recently styled.

We are going to compare the cost of the furniture and decorations if you were to buy them out right and replicate the look, versus recruiting a home staging company.

Please note: To keep this article concise & easily readable, we will only add up the cost of the living & dining area, comparing it to the cost of styling the entire home professionally.

What is included?


  • Consultation & Advice on how to best present the property
  • Furniture & Accessories – 8 Weeks Hire for the entire home (living and dining area, two bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom)
  • Delivery & Removal of furniture
  • Professional Property Stylist on site
  • Insurance
  • Expertise and years of hands-on experience


  • Furniture & Accessories for the living and dining area ONLY

COST: $2,500

COST: $5,640

Wait, what? Let’s break it down!






(wholesale price)

UD Furniture

(wholesale supplier)

Dining Chair (x4)


Dining Table


Coffee Table







(wholesale supplier)

Artwork (x2)


Entertainment Unit


Floor Lamp


Throw Rug


Assortment of Cushions


(5x $50)

Various Shops

Assortment of Decorations


(averaged out at $30 per item)

Various Shops

TOTAL: $5,639.46

And that’s just to furnish the living & dining area! A professional home staging service for the whole 2 bedroom unit costed the homeowners $2,500. 

We will let you be the judge on what’s the better option.

Are you considering having your home staged? 

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