Meet Bianca!

The newest addition to the Foxy Styling Team and an absolute bundle of enthusiasm! Before joining us back in May 2021, Bianca (or B as we like to call her) used to be a Property Stylist for another Home-Staging company here in Brisbane. Writing this article has given us a unique opportunity to reflect and compare her experiences in two different styling companies. It was a very insightful chat and I’m sure you will find it interesting as well, so without any further ado – here’s the story of our powerhouse – Bianca.

1. What do you remember about your beginnings?

Jumping into lots of different people’s cars. That’s a core memory for sure, haha! But it was nice because I got to at least meet everyone and got to know them better, as opposed to just kind of bumping into each other at the jobs. And it also made me realise just how much driving is entailed.

This is definitely very different to my previous job. I was with another styling company (that shall remain nameless for legal purposes, haha) in the role of a Head Stylist / Project Manager. When I started at Foxy, I’ve kind of had to step back a little bit, but it was nice because that job was way too stressful. Plus, I also got properly trained here to be able to keep up with the workload and not be so stressed, which is a big bonus.

2. So now that you can compare your experiences in two different styling companies, which one is better and why Foxy?

Hahaha thanks for answering my first question for me! I think the team culture has been the biggest difference-maker.

In my last job, it was very much me, myself, and I the whole time. We outsourced the removalists, so I was the one who had to pull all the furniture off the shelves and get it ready for them. At the install I showed them where to put everything and then it was just me, fully by myself throughout the entire install.

At Foxy, there is always someone there to help you and it’s been so good to have someone to rely on, if you do need help. And you guys are so much more put together, so organized! Even though Phoebe said when I first met her that this is a madhouse, it’s NOTHING compared to my last job.

The schedule is also very handy to have because you can see where everyone’s going, where everyone’s coming from. Even just the way you transport linen… it’s so smart! We used to carry it in plastic bin bags, and then you just rip them and have nothing to carry them back in.

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3. What’s your favourite style?

Resort style – lots of greenery and whites. My bedroom is basically a Resort Style design, it’s covered in plants everywhere you look. This job gives me the option to incorporate ideas that I want to do in my future home into all different properties, and then I can just pick and choose what’s going to work.

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4. What’s your favourite living room you’ve ever styled?

Oh yeah you asked me to think about this before I left… and I didn’t. Haha, sorry!

*5 minutes later*

Oh, I think I’ve got one, Cody has done a Foxy TV on this recently! I didn’t make the selections myself, but I was there to help, and it has come up beautiful. It was a renovated property, and when I walked in, I was just “wowed”. It looked amazing!

(fast-forward to 7:30)

5. What’s your LEAST favourite room to style?

I am not a big fan of styling single beds. I don’t mind single twin beds, but in general I don’t like single beds by themselves. I feel like they’re just too small and just never know with them, sometimes a Euro pillow is too big, and two standards are too small, it’s weird. And the bed just looks really tiny in the room.

6. What was your biggest FAIL?

Biggest fail? Like… ‘MY‘ biggest fail? I can’t even think of one, I’m just perfect! Hahahaha! No, DON’T put that in!

*Cam walks by*
Bianca: “Cam! HEY CAM! I need your input. You’ve been there for most of the time. What’s my biggest fail?”

Cam: “Probably running the double mattress up the really steep driveway?”

*Bianca starts laughing*

Eva: “What happened?”

Cam: “Well this one *pointing at B* was feeling full of herself, she went “I’ll take this” to a double mattress. So she grabbed it, ran it up the hill, came back down absolutely blowing, took one more thing up and then we haven’t seen her for ages. She didn’t come back down. Five minutes later Fletcher goes “Mate, you’ll never guess where I found her… she was laying on the couch.”

Bianca: “I got tired, haha! This was the same property where Caitlin drove up and hit the rock retaining wall and all these rocks fell out of it. Crazy day!”

7. What is your biggest WIN?

Gaining a lot of strength! Most of my previous jobs were based in the office, but I’m actually really enjoying the physical aspect of this. I’ve put on so much muscle since I started working here and I love seeing how much I can push myself every day. That probably sounds a bit too “gym-junky-ish” but it is what it is.

8. What’s the funniest moment you can remember?

Hahaha, that would have to be the car park frenzy! One day, we’ve all left work AT THE SAME TIME, and when we were in the car park everyone was trying to reverse at the same time, so everyone started beeping at each other. Then Fletch reversed to the middle and said, “I’m not leaving till Russ is leaving” and then I saw a gap just big enough for my car so I yeeted* through it and went home.

*to yeet |verb| (explanation for anyone over the age of 25): to throw or move something with a lot of force, e.g. “Cam got delivered the wrong burrito, so he yeeted it out of the window.”

Note from Eva: I remember this! I was sitting at my desk when I heard all this honking coming from downstairs, so I walked over to the window to investigate. And what do I see? All these clowns causing a traffic jam in our teeny tiny car park, beeping at each other, yelling profanities, and laughing like crazy. It was one of the moments that made me scoff and shake my head, yet still I couldn’t hide my silly smile thinking “I love this crazy bunch.”

9. After work, I spend my time…

… eating. I eat a lot. I usually go to the pub with friends for dinner and stuff like that. Otherwise, I spend my time watering my plants. And feeding my pet-frogs. Wow, have fun writing about this. I go to the pub, water my plants, and feed my frogs, what a life I lead!

10. I spend my weekends…

… doing the same as above? Haha, naaah… I love shopping! I also like to go on hikes if I can be bothered, ‘cause you know… sometimes you just work so hard during the week and then the weekend comes and you’re too exhausted to do anything.

Or I go out drinking… or I go to my friend’s farm and that’s always good fun. There is a creek on the property so we all go swimming or grab the floaties and just float down the stream.

Thanks for reading!

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