Introducing BRAND NEW Blog Series – Think Outside The Fox!

We have been getting lots of messages from other Home Stagers & Property Stylists, asking for help with “tricky” styling situations. When the same questions started to come up more and more often, we got an idea. A few weeks later, Think Outside The Fox was born! We’re starting this blog series in hope to help as many fellow industry colleagues, as possible.

Episode 1: How to Style a Room with Brick Walls

“Hey guys! I’ve agreed to stage a house (sight unseen), only to realise there is not just one featured brick wall, but an entire room covered in brick! Can you give mesome tips to make it look good?” 

Of course we can!

Exposed brick walls bring on a number of challenges. They make the space look dated & dark, and because of its rough texture, everything feels more closed in.

On the flip side, having identified what the challenges are brings clarity to our objective. We need to make everything appear brighter, lighter and bigger.

We’ve put together an easy 3-step guide on How to Style a Property with Exposed Brick Walls.

Step 1 – Brighten it up!

If the homeowner is happy to do some changes around the house, encourage them to replace any dark fixtures & fittings for lighter coloured ones.

Here’s a picture of a property we’ve styled recently, highlighting the changes we recommended the client to make. It ended up making a HUGE difference in the overall feel of the room.

Stylist’s Checklist:

Replace all light bulbs for Bright White

Bring in light coloured furniture

Lamps are a must!

Avoid heavy drapes

Step 2 – Maximise the Natural Light!

Because of its light-absorbing ability, we call brick the Vantablack of patterns.

Regardless of how many windows there are in the room, the light just never seems to be bright enough.

Luckily, we have a few tips up our sleeve to maximise every sun ray coming in.

Stylist’s Checklist:

Use glass surfaces to reflect the light

Hang mirrors on the walls

Avoid dark timber (e.g. mahogany tables)

Step 3 – Open up the Space!

The coarse texture of brick in combination with the lack of light results in what feels like a very confined space. Fortunately, this can be improved with the correct size and positioning of furniture.

Stylist’s Checklist:

Use slimline, smaller sized furniture

Leave a small gap between the sofa and the wall

Avoid big rugs

Avoid heavy-textured fabrics like corduroy or velvet

But you know what they say – ‘It’s better to see something once, than hear about it a hundred times.’

Therefore, here is a brick wall property we have staged a few weeks ago, feel free to get inspired! 🙂

Photography Credit: - Ray White Rochedale;
Link to full video here

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