Not quite a bedroom, not quite a living space… what can you do with these long & narrow areas?

Commonly found in traditional Queenslanders, these rooms are usually closed-off verandas renovated by previous owners, who wanted to create some extra space in their home. Real Estate Agents classify them as sunrooms, thoroughfares, or our favourite – multipurpose rooms! Which purpose exactly… is not quite clear.

But that’s okay, you’ve got us and we’re here to help you think outside the box fox and show you how to best utilise these tricky layouts!

living room in a long and narrow area, white sofa, wooden furniture and two lounge chairs

When we style a home for sale that has one of these long & narrow rooms, we take extra care to really showcase the potential of this space.

If a room like this was to remain unstaged & empty, home buyers may find it difficult to picture the use of this space or the possible furniture arrangement.

5 Tips for Styling Long & Narrow Rooms

1. Choose Slimline Furniture

Small and narrow furniture will make the space appear optically larger than it is. The opposite is also true – any large & chunky furniture items would make the area appear congested and therefore smaller.

2. Create a Clear Walkway

If you have a lot of furniture in this room, make sure that there’s always enough space to walk around. Whether you create a straight line or an S-shaped walkway, the important thing is that there is one, otherwise the room may feel crowded and full.

3. Separate the Zones

Remember how we talked about ‘multipurpose’ rooms at the beginning? This is it. Creating different zones/areas is what makes a long & narrow room appear bigger and more versatile. You can separate these zones with a rug or simply position the furniture on the opposing sides of the room. You can do Living & Dining or Study & Lounge; your imagination has no limits!

5. Use Circular Pieces

Round rugs, coffee tables, ottomans and other rounded furniture pieces should be your go-to. The reason is simple – it all comes down to plain human psychology and our perception of shapes. Circular items are a great choice to offset & contrast the rectangularity of the room, plus their lack of edges creates an inviting & homely atmosphere.

4. Maximise Vertical Space

Another way to offset the long horizontal expanse is to make the eye travel upwards. You can achieve this by decorating the walls with artwork or by placing a tall palm/fig tree in the corner.

Mirrors are also exceptional illusionists when it comes to adding more light & spaciousness to the room.

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