Another week, another edition of The Real Estate Life. This week we had a chat with David Thomas, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Belle Property South Brisbane. David’s genuine commitment to the relationship that he has with his clients shines throughout our conversation. This commitment is backed up by his actions in never sending an assistant or junior agent in his place. Instead, David attends all photo shoots himself and conducts his own open house inspections.

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I started by asking David what accomplishment is he most proud of…….

Personally, would be my strong relationships with my partner, family, close friends & clients. I think that quality of life is directly related to quality of relationships and this is something I am very proud of.
Work related, would be our family owned business here at Belle Property South Brisbane. Moving into our eighth year now, we are currently moving to a premises we will own outright. This is very exciting and something our family and team has worked very hard to achieve. We have come a long way and are very proud of the culture and people we have grown within the business, so this fresh chapter is proving to be sensational.

What’s your favourite real estate agent joke?

Tell us your favourite story of a sale that you were involved with..

There have been plenty of intrinsically rewarding stories over the 10 years I have been in the industry. My favourite story of late would be selling a third property in 4 years, for repeat clients of mine.

After the auction of each home, we have taken a family picture in front of the sold sign and it is hilarious to see the children growing up through each one! Their youngest child was barley walking at the time of the first sale, then fast forward 4 years and she was running around helping me with the sale of the third!

We had a good laugh when I was giving them advice about their third sale campaign and they were finishing my sentences. Nevertheless, they were still nervous at the last auction day but I assured them we would add another family photo to the album. Sure enough, my team and I delivered a great result and the album was complete! I like this story because it shows that it doesn’t matter what property, what year or what price range you have, if you run a great process, you give yourself the opportunity for a great result!

First Sale – 23 Ervatamia Street, Runcorn – 2013

Second Sale – 15 Rapanea Street, Algester – 2015

Third Sale – 82 Scrub Road, Carindale – 2016

What do you think is the most frustrating trait a vendor can have?

Not to be that guy, but I don’t really see any traits as frustrating because the vendors have usually had a previous experience that has made them behave that way. Unfortunately, the history of our industry hasn’t always been the best, so you can understand why some vendors might be protective or cautious with giving their trust.

If you had the ability to fix one thing in the industry, what would it be?

Just one?! Haha. I would choose to fix the ethics behind market appraisals. Agents who promise the world and deliver nothing really do reduce the trust the public has in our industry.

In your experience, what is the main reason for sale contracts falling through?

Bad agents haha. Nah, I haven’t experienced too many over the course of my career however of the handful that I have, I found that it is usually due to either:

  • a major fault found during a building and pest inspection that the vendor wasn’t previously aware of, or;
  • Default on finance due to a bank valuer disagreeing with a sales result recorded for the area.

When you walk into a home for the first time, what makes you relax and think that the sale will be an easy one?

There are never any easy sales! If the home is a very saleable product, the challenge is then to push for as high of a result as we can for our vendors. We don’t take any listing lightly as most of the time it is our client’s largest asset.

A lot of people will Google a person, or a service, prior to hiring them. How has this easy access to information and digital screening changed your process?

It has certainly changed the game slightly, however this industry is more about how you make people feel, not a rating out of 5 stars. Whilst it is crucial to have a great track record and high level of professional service, we find it’s the relationships that we maintain with our clients that matter the most.

If you could recommend one resource for a vendor (book, website, podcast etc), what would it be?

The Foxy Home Staging Blog of course!

What gets you excited?

Well, I could say negotiations or auction days, but the best feeling is when the contract of sale goes unconditional and my vendor’s begin to celebrate. I love seeing them have the peace of mind that they can now move forward to the next chapter of their lives. I suppose I get excited from their excitement!

Thanks to David for sharing his story!

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