Meet Russ!

This week on the blog we’re bringing you the first instalment in our new “15 Questions With…” series. Much like our Stylist Spotlight series, the aim of these blogs is to introduce you to our removalists here at Foxy who make up our logistics team. First up, we’re introducing you to Russ. 

As one of the very first employees Jake and Phoebe brought on, Russ is a long-term and very valued member of the team. He’s our resident breakfast chef on team meeting days, is always willing to give everyone a hand, and is our local bin chicken (according to Cam – he likes to eat everyone’s leftovers and snacks!). Having been here for a number of years Russ has lots of memories and stories to share, which made for a funny and interesting chat. Keep reading to hear all about them and get to know Russ.

Meet Russ

1. How long have you been at Foxy and what did you do before starting here?

Russ: Ahhh *chuckles and turns to Jake* “How long have I been here for? 4 years?”

Jake: 4 years.

Laura: And what did you do before starting here?

Russ: Before here I worked in corporate sales for HOYTS Cinemas.

2. What do you remember about your beginnings at Foxy?

Russ: Ummm, I’m just trying to think. It was a small team, we played a lot of basketball, it was very chaotic. Not much structure compared to what it is today.

3. What’s the best and worst part of being a removalist at Foxy?

Russ: Best part is that you get to work outdoors and get to do a different job everyday. The worst part of being a removalist is working in spring because it’s so busy. 

4. If you had to style a bedroom what colours and style would you go for?

Russ: I’d probably go for the… oh I don’t know… maybe the coastal look. Don’t know what those colours are.

*Laughter erupts around the warehouse*

Laura: Blue and white hahah.

Russ: Yeah probably blues, whites, a bit of silver in there, something like that. 

Russ' Bedroom Mood Board

5. What kind of music do you like to listen to in the truck?

Russ: Umm 80’s music, old school music.

Laura: Oh cool!

6. Which removalist is the best singer?

Russ: Definitely not Fletcher…

*We all start laughing again*

Russ: I’d say Cameron probably.

Laura: *Looking at Cam who is sitting beside us* Oooh there you go! 

Russ: Joe and JD try to sing but it just sucks.

Cam: Russ doesn’t allow singing in the truck.

Russ: Yeah, there’s no singing in the truck when you’re with me. 

7. Have you ever fallen asleep on the truck (as a passenger… don’t worry!)?

Russ: Yes I have. After I had my wisdom teeth out. Jake made me work the next day… nah I’m kidding.

*Cam and Laura start laughing once again*

Russ: I think I was off my head on high strength painkillers and Jake was driving the truck throughout the day. Then I fell asleep in the truck on the way home. 

8. What is your favourite piece of furniture and why?

Russ: Probably the items that are named after me. 

Laura: *Starts laughing*

Russ: They were bought on clearance.

*Now the everyone who’s listening to this conversation is laughing*

Russ: So they’re cheap but they get the job done. 

Laura: Can you give an example of one? 

Russ: Yeah, you’ve got the Russ lamp which was $10 from Bunnings reduced from $100. 

Laura: Hahaha what a bargain!

Russ: 90% off.

Russ Lamp
Russ Lamp

9. What is your least favourite piece of furniture and why?

Russ: Least favourite… hmmm.

Cam: That should be easy. You just dealt with it. 

*Lots of silence*

Cam: With Joe and JD. That Lunar Coffee Table. 

Russ: Oh yeah, the Lunar Coffee Table. Phoebe’s genius idea to buy a 80kg, ceramic, one piece, no handled, smooth coffee table. 

Laura: Oh was that the one in the Instagram story where you died?

*Cam and Russ start laughing*

Russ: Yep! Sums it up!

Swipe across to see a few exhausted removalists after carrying the Lunar Coffee Table up multiple flights of stairs.

10. What has been your biggest fail?

Russ: Hmmm… dropping a 100kg marble coffee table on my ankle and needing surgery and 20 stitches. 

Laura: Oh my god!

Cam: Have you seen a photo?

Laura: No. 

Russ: I gave Fletcher PTSD for the rest of his life. 

Laura: When was that? 

Russ: August last year. Had to get an ambulance to come. Had the green whistle and everything.

Laura: WOW! Did you break your ankle?

Russ: No, just pulled all the skin off.

*Cam shows Laura a photo*

Laura: OHHHH *looks away, covering her eyes*

*Russ and Cam both start laughing*

Laura: Ok, that’s not what I was expecting. 

Russ: If you want to include the photo in the blog just send me a message, or ask Cam. Everyone’s got it. It’s kinda famous around here hahaha. 

SIDE NOTE: We’d include a photo here for reference but it’s quite gory! 

11. What’s your biggest win?

Russ: My biggest win.. Ummm. 

*Proceeds to think for a while*

Russ: Either being a part of bringing Cam on board or being here to see the team grow from 5 people when I started to 24 now.

*Thinks for a little longer*

Russ: I’m trying to think of something more personal.

Cam: Teaching JD how to fold pads.

Russ: Ohhh yes! Teaching the team how to fold truck pads correctly. That’s what you need to put in there. 

Team Photo
The Foxy team!

12. What is your funniest moment?

Russ: Ha, there’s too many to count. 

*Cam proceeds to tell two very funny stories that should probably be kept within the walls of the Foxy warehouse*

Russ: Honestly, there’s something funny that happens everyday. 

13. What is your favourite servo* drink and food item?

Russ: Definitely a $1 coffee… except now they’re $2, bloody inflation! And also a spinach and ricotta pastry.

Favourite Servo Drink - $1 Coffee


A servo is a service or petrol station, as in, a place where you fill up your car with fuel.

14. After work I spend my time…

Russ: Picking up my daughter, a crazy two year old, and playing in the backyard with her and the dogs. 

15. I spend my weekends…

Russ: I spend weekends either playing football, out with the family, mowing the lawn… which is my favourite… spending time around the house, chilling out, going to Grill’d, catching up with friends and family. Yeah, just low-key sorta stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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