How to Discuss Home Staging

If you’re a fellow home stager, you know how crucial it is to nail those conversations with agents and vendors to land more jobs. So in this article, I’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to discuss home staging with different clients. My goal here? To help you ace those talks! I’ll cover what these conversations are all about and what we want to achieve. Plus, I’ll spill the beans on some common objections clients throw at us, and how we carefully respond.

Understanding Home Staging

When it comes to clients, we typically encounter two distinct types. The first group comprises those who have had a conversation with their agent about home staging and are familiar with its general concept and benefits. They might need some convincing on specific aspects, but the foundation is there. And the second type is made up of clients who have independently reached out to us, showing an understanding of our services to some extent. It’s crucial to remember that they’ve taken this initiative for a reason; they already acknowledge the value of styling in boosting their property’s sale potential. So, instead of trying to seal the deal from the start, we focus on emphasising the unique aspects of our service that meet their specific needs.

How to Discuss Home Staging

The Conversation

Discuss Home Staging

When Phoebe steps into a consultation with clients who have already discussed home staging with their agent, she knows there’s a level of trust established in the relationship and the referral. So instead of selling them on the idea of home staging itself, Phoebe focuses on the specifics of the process and how it will make their lives easier. She begins by asking if they have preconceptions of styling, or if they’re familiar with the process. And then she delves into what could be changed at the property to maximise a return on investment. Showcasing tangible examples of the improvements we’ll make to the property to attract more buyers, helps the clients understand the value of staging. Phoebe ensures they see the direct correlation between the effort invested in staging and the potential return on investment. Which helps foster confidence in moving forward with the process.

The Goal

Discuss Home StagingDiscuss home staging

The primary goal of our conversation with clients is to create a marketable real estate product through home staging. Unlike traditional designers who may focus on colours and aesthetics, our approach is distinctly practical and results-driven. We’re not there to sell home staging as a concept. Rather, we aim to discuss home staging and showcase its undeniable benefits in transforming properties into highly desirable assets in the market. And for our everyday sellers, who are often working families seeking effective solutions, emphasising practicality and marketability resonates deeply. So, by avoiding unnecessary fluff and designer jargon, we help them see home staging as a pragmatic decision, not just a luxury. Our focus is on achieving their selling goals by strategically enhancing the property’s appeal and creating an environment that speaks to potential buyers in a language they understand – maximising their property’s potential and ensuring a successful sale.

We help them see home staging as a pragmatic decision, not just a luxury.

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Common Objections

“My husband thinks it’s too expensive”

One common objection we encounter is when a spouse believes the cost of home staging may not be worth it. Phoebe sees this as a yellow flag and responds with understanding and reassurance. So she offers to send them examples of the services we provide and engage in a conversation, empathising with budget constraints. And by acknowledging that budget considerations play a role in decision-making, Phoebe helps build trust and confidence in the relationship. Our pricing is transparent, and through conversation Phoebe helps build confidence in our pricing and showcase the value of our services.

“We don’t have the time to handle two moves”

Another objection often raised by clients is the concern that they don’t have the time to handle two moves. One being to temporarily store their furniture during staging, and another when the property is sold. Phoebe presents an ideal solution to this issue. One of the many benefits of having our in-house logistics team is the ability to handle some furniture removal. And this helps to make the process that little bit easier for our clients. This service is particularly appealing to families or older professionals who may not have the physical capacity or time to manage the bigger furniture themselves. Admittedly, we will not be in the trenches packing boxes or moving everything. But we can help with the bigger things – which more often than not, is enough! And by providing this convenience, we not only help alleviate clients’ worries, but also increase the chances of securing the job.

Thanks for joining us today on the blog! I hope you’ve found some valuable information about how to discuss home staging. And if you have any questions, comments or queries please reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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