Welcome back to this weeks edition of The Real Estate Life. Today we hear from Shannon Harvey, Lead Agent at Place Estate Agents Bulimba. Shannon is committed to providing the best personal sales experience to the community, with the vision that she is ‘changing Real Estate, one sale at a time.’

Where to Connect

Email: shannon@eplace.com.au

Website: www.shannonharvey.com.au

Mobile: 0438 114 056

I started by asking Shannon what was the last book that she read…..

The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.

What does your typical day look like?

I just had a baby, so 5 am start and walk to the local coffee shop at 6 am. It’s an amazing part of the day! And now I’m selling more than ever because I’m so organised!

What’s your favourite real estate agent joke?

I’m terrible at remembering jokes! I’m better at off the cuff humour but I do love a good joke.

What is the biggest challenge that you face each day at work?

Balancing up to date communication with sellers, while being fully accessible to buyer enquiries and inspections, but I have some systems!

If you had the ability to fix one thing in the industry, what would it be?

I think that the industry is more transparent than ever. I know where I work, at Place Bulimba, we have a huge focus on connecting with the community and being leaders in Style and Innovation for Real Estate, so I can’t think of anything specific to fix. We try to improve what we do all the time.

In your experience, what is the main reason for sale contracts falling through?

Building and Pest is the most common issue for me, so make sure your maintenance is all up to date. A seller tip is to get your own Building and Pest before you hit the market. I did when I sold my own place. I made sure there were no surprises after I had secured my best contract.

When you walk into a home for the first time, what makes you relax and think that the sale will be an easy one?

Sappy but when it’s styled beautifully! It just makes me want to live there so I know others will feel the same.

A lot of people will Google a person, or a service, prior to hiring them. How has this easy access to information and digital screening changed your process?

I now have my own website to make it easier for potential clients to get to know me!

Do you think that social media has potential in advertising property sales?

If you want to cover 100% of the market, then everywhere has potential to advertise property sales. I’ve been using Facebook sponsored posts for years. They are a fantastic was to connect to a target market.

What gets you excited?

I LOVE my job! I’m the luckiest person to do what I love

Thanks to Shannon for sharing her story.

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