Welcome to The Real Estate Life. This week, we hear from Kristy Noble, Sales Agent at McGrath Annerley Yeronga. Kristy started her career in real estate in 2005 and her love for the negotiation process ensures that she has a track record of generating record prices.

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I started by asking Kristy what accomplishment is she most proud of…..

Of course, my Children and family would be #1, however with regards to work, it would be my referral database and repeat customers. I feel very proud when I get a call from a client whom I have worked with in the past and they are wanting me to work for them again.

What led you to becoming a real estate agent?

I started in sales support and really enjoyed the dynamics of how Real Estate worked. The chase, the satisfaction I can give to my clients through tough negotiations and achieving great results. I have some great relationships with past clients and consider them as friends. What other job enables you to do this?

Who is the most well-known person that you have sold a property to or for?

You!! Haha :). I’ve sold many properties for wealthy clients or people very well known in their own game, however no-one famous just yet!

What do you find is the most frustrating part of the sales process?

When we receive a fantastic offer in the first week, it can sometimes be hard for a seller to understand that this might be the best offer (not always). As they have only just gone to market and they are getting good interest initially, they tend to assume there will be more around the corner. Many people don’t think about the fact that a buyer hasn’t only just been in the market. Buyers have often missed out on properties and been looking for a while and when they offer they are actually very keen, motivated and don’t want to miss out again so often put forward a strong offer. We can determine the strength of an offer by looking at comparable sales as well as general buyer feedback. As agents we also need to look at the market and understand if we are in a buyer or a sellers’ market as this can affect the sale.

Does the tension on auction day get to you?

I love the buzz of an auction when there are a good number of people there (especially to bid). There generally is tension however it is usually a tense, positive feeling.  If the feedback throughout an auction campaign indicates that the buyers and seller are worlds apart, it is easy to feel slightly on edge for the seller. As an agent we want to get the best result possible and exceed expectations so this is a natural feeling, however the auction process is exactly that, a process and if the auction does get passed in,  we price it straight away with knowledge of buyer feedback and its very common to sell within 2 weeks of the auction.

In your opinion, what is the one thing a home seller can do to ensure their home makes a great first impression?

One thing! Ooh, that’s hard! I would say Presentation. Make sure the home smells clean and fresh, is clean and tidy, is nicely styled to suit most buyers, perhaps freshly painted, carpets etc and has welcoming first impressions (landscaping , fence, yard etc).

When you walk into a home for the first time, what makes you relax and think that the sale will be an easy one?

There are a couple of things. Firstly, seeing potential in the property and then feeling genuinely excited about it. I like knowing I can pitch the home to many buyers who will like it. The motivation of the seller has a big impact too.

Do you think that social media has potential in advertising property sales?

100%. I’ve been using it a lot lately. If an agent does not promote via social media, they will get left behind. Some of my best enquiry has come through property marketing on social media.

What gets you excited?

I have a real passion for my job. I really do love what I do! This may sound a little cheesy but I’m absolutely genuine when I say that I love the feeling when I can hand the keys to a buyer who is truly excited to be moving into their new home as I know I’ve been a part of their life changing event. When I have exceeded my owners expectations with regards to price and of course service, this is an amazing feeling. My referral base is ever growing and when someone loves me enough to tell their friends and family that they must use me to sell their most prized possession, there’s nothing better!

Thanks to Kristy for sharing her story.

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