What is Foxy at Home? Let us take you behind the scenes of styling homes for sale. At the end of the article we share the names of our furniture suppliers and retail shops, keeping absolutely no secrets when it comes to helping you fall in love with your home again!

Recreate the Look

22 Hindmarsh Street, Banyo

For a city that isn’t very old, Brisbane has quite an impressive array of architecture. Ranging from traditional Queenslanders to modern high-rise buildings in the CBD, the variety of houses is vast. When we got the chance to style a cottage-style home in Banyo (a northern suburb of Brisbane), we got super excited! There is something charming and cosy about cottages, which is why all our Stylists love them, regardless of their personal preferences.

photo of a cottage style home from the front with a cute blue front door
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Story Behind the Sale

The home was vacant during the sale, which means that we had free reign in terms of which furniture items to bring in. Cottages are usually styled with lots of floral elements and soft, feminine colours. This home, however, was likely going to be an entry level purchase for a young family, in which case the floral elements would not be received well by the prospective buyers (flowers and floral patterns are perfect for targeting the older demographics).

Without taking away the traditional feel of the house, we’ve decided to bring in a blend of robust furniture pieces, matching the colour palette to the beautiful green garden in the backyard.

Result of the sale: SOLD during the first open home for an amazing price!

dining corner with a yellow bench seat and a glass top round dining table
green living room with a green sofa and a green ottoman, two beige armchairs and abstract green coloured matching pair of artwo

Living Room

Our styling selections were influenced by some of the existing fixtures in the living room, including the black fireplace, beige curtains, and timber floors. These were the main indicators of our colour palette, which was tied together with the abstract artwork above the fireplace.

We’ve brought in a custom-made sofa and an ottoman from our local wholesale supplier, which were both featuring a matching fabric called fern. The subdued colours in combination with the coffee table decorations created a lovely, homely ambience, perfectly portraying the cottage lifestyle.

green living room photographed from the back with a fireplace and a colour matching artwork above the fireplace that ties the whole colour palette together
green living room cottage style

Where to Buy?


UD Furniture in fern fabric

(wholesale supplier)


UD Furniture in fern fabric

(wholesale supplier)

Coffee Table



(wholesale supplier)


Floor Lamp


(wholesale supplier)


La Grolla

(wholesale supplier)


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