Your bedroom is arguably the most influential room in your home. When you think about it, it’s the first and the last thing you see each day, able to impact and even change your mood. Wouldn’t you want to make sure your sanctuary looks and feels inspiring and dreamy? We’re talking fresh linen, scented candle, and comfy, beautifully styled bed.

Achieving the luxe, magazine-worthy look is easier than you think. In fact, we are about to share some of our top industry secrets that have been safely tucked away in our Property Stylists’ manuals… until now!

PS: Don’t miss the Foxy Stylist’s tips at the end of the article!

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  • Euro Pillows – 65x65cm, great for adding more height to your bed, doubling up as extra back support for when you want to sit up straight
  • Standard Pillows – 48x73cm, perfect for sleeping, standard pillowcases usually match the doona cover (purchased as a quilt cover set)
  • “Choppy” cushions – feather-filled cushions available in various shapes and sizes, mouldable shape allowing us to create a visual “chop”, generally more expensive than standard cushions, used for decorative purposes to make the bed look more plush
  • Standard Cushions – polyester-filled cushions available in various shapes and sizes, used for decorative purposes
  • Oblong Cushions – polyester or feather-filled cushions in an oblong shape, usually placed at the front of the cushions because of their smaller size, creating a visual triangle
  • Coverlet – a large blanket designed to sit on top of the doona cover to enhance the look of the bed
  • Throw – a smaller blanket that comes in all types of different materials and sizes, usually styled draped over the corner of the bed, or tucked underneath the doona fold

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The styling of a bedroom has a simple formula to follow. To make it easier for you to replicate the look in your home, we have visually separated the bed into three sections – Top, Accent and Bottom. There are numerous different ways you can style each section and we are going to show you three of our favourite styles for each part.

And the best thing? You can mix & match these however you want and it will always come out looking beautiful!

Top Section

2 Euros + 2 Standards

rusty coloured bed with two euros and two standard pillows

1 Euro + 2 Standards

pink bed tropical style, rattan bedhead, 2 standard pillows and one euro

4 Standards

blue and grey bed with four standard pillows

Accent Section

4 Cushions

four cushions on a pink bed

5 Cushions

five cushions on a bed, black and grey combination

7 Cushions

blue bed aqua colour, seven cushions

Bottom Section

1. Just Throw

Over the corner of the bed

Tucked underneath the doona fold

pink throw rug tucked underneath the doona fold

2. Just Coverlet

Tucked underneath the doona fold

blue coverlet tucked underneath the doona fold

Covering the entire doona

light blue coverlet covering the entire doona

3. Throw + Coverlet

Both tucked underneath the doona fold

blue coverlet and white throw over a beautiful blue bed

Coverlet tucked under, throw in the middle

Coverlet on doona, throw draped over the corner

black coverlet and mustard throw and cushions

Foxy Stylist’s Tips:

  • Use white linen. Nothing looks better on a bed than a set of crisp, bright, white bed sheets! Add the colour across your cushions and throws, but the keep the foundation white.
  • Colour-match the bedding with your artwork. This creates a beautiful, cohesive look and ties the entire room together, an absolute game changer!
  • Struggling to find the right side of your fitted sheet? Look out for the tag inside, 99% of the time the tag inside the sheet goes on the bottom right corner of your mattress.
  • Position your cushions as upright as possible to create a luxe look.

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