Pink – the colour that is commonly deemed as ‘girly & soft’ holds a surprising history. Having assumed a range of guises throughout the centuries, pink firstly became a fashion trend in the mid-1700’s as a symbol of luxury among male Aristocrats. Yes, that’s right… male. What we now perceive as the colour of femininity and delicacy used to be the epitome of strong masculinity, less than 300 years ago.

Surprised? We were too.

Things took a different spin after the WWII thanks to creative branding strategies, cementing pink as the colour for girls. Since then, it has been a colour in transition.

“The 150-year-old notion of pink as synonym with fragile femininity is being challenged. Pink is now having a ‘cool’ phase: It’s hip, it’s androgynous, it’s strong. And it’s here to stay.” – Valerie Steele, author of the book ‘Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color’

Pink in Interior Design

Decorating with pink started rising on popularity since it was declared the Pantone Colour of the Year in 2016. Although it has been more accepted in interior design, people tend to steer away from styling with pink in fear of creating a look deemed to be too feminine.

It’s even less common to see pink in home-staging, where the main aim is making homes look appealing to the highest possible number of buyers.

We are here to show you that pink can be masculine, and historic, as well as sophisticated – if styled correctly. We’ve chosen four of our favourite pink interior designs to prove it to you, with lots and lots of photos to spark your inspiration!

1. Moroccan Interior Design

One of the biggest trends of 2021, the Moroccan Style is exotic, luxurious & dramatic all in one go. Featuring low-set tables, wicker furniture and dusty colour palette with pops of earthy tones, styling with Moroccan design is the perfect way to incorporate masculinity into a pastel setting.

collage of moroccan design elements incl. colour palette

 Why We Love It at Foxy

  • It evokes a laid-back feel.
  • It’s very family-friendly, perfect for targeting family demographic.
  • We get to play with lots of different patterns – from abstract to ornate to geometric.
  • It photographs beautifully!
  • It’s incredibly versatile, suitable for older style properties as well as newer builds.
  • It’s classy, yet simple.
  • You can buy décor from literally any homeware shop, it’s everywhere at the moment!

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moroccan design living room

moroccan design living room

moroccan design living room

2. Palm Spring Interior Design

Inspired by the most glamorous city of southern California, Palm Spring Style is a beautiful blend of contemporary & luxurious with a diverse fusion of textures – ranging from marble to oak to velvet.

collage of palm spring inspired design elements

 Why We Love It at Foxy

  • It’s amazingly suited for properties that have lots of natural light and big spaces.
  • It always comes out looking modern & chic.
  • Those pink velvet chairs (pictured below) are one of our favourite statement pieces to use for this style.
  • We can make it as playful or elegant as we want! This style goes both ways – whether we choose bold & colourful or white & sophisticated.
  • The elements of gold touches throughout are guaranteed to add a sense of opulence to the property.
little office nook with a playful palm themed tropical wallpaper
pink velvet chairs with pops of gold, white and gold kitchen in the background

kitchen with pink velvet bar stools around the kitchen island, yellow wallpaper in the background, tropical palm tree elements all around the room

living room with a blue and white stripey wallpaper in the background

3. Pink Australian Native Interior Design

Drawing inspiration from the abundantly diverse native flora of our beautiful country, this style is a perfect mixture of boho-style with botanical motifs.

collage of australian native inspired design elements

 Why We Love It at Foxy

  • We use shades of soft, powdery pink as a more interesting alternative to beige, and we combine it with pops of dark green throughout to add an element of nature to the look.
  • There are lots of different ways we can incorporate native flowers into this style – through artwork, décor, greenery, or even through flower-patterned upholstery.
  • This style is accepting both approaches – bold AND subtle. That means we can choose an oversized & bold statement artwork to create depth or keep it soft & subtle with lots of pastel/dusty-coloured design elements
living room styled with pink and green cushions and palm leaves as decorations

grey sofa with green lounge chairs, bold australian-native-inspired artwork on the wall

dusty pink bedroom with two beige artworks on the wall, both portraying australian native flowers

4. Contemporary Pink Interior Design

The most striking design of them all, Contemporary Pink is a blend of masculine industrial design features and feminine pops of pink – guaranteed to create a bold & modern look, every time.

collage of contemporary pink styling elements

 Why We Love It at Foxy

  • We love the contrast between the strong & delicate design elements.
  • Using impactful furniture pieces made of leather, black metal or stone helps ground the pink and prevents the colour palette from appearing overwhelming or ‘too girly’.
  • The balance between the different colours is what makes this style appearing to both genders and diverse age groups – perfect for styling properties targeted towards multiple demographics.
living room photographed from above with pink cushions and small accessories and black metal elements throughout the design

dining leather chairs and glass top table with pink artwork and pink vase on the table

Thank you for reading!

In conclusion, pink can absolutely be the new black (or neutral), you just have to be courageous enough to experiment with it. We urge you to give it a try and let us know how it went!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see your pics!

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