Being a Property Stylist is not an easy gig. Some of you might think ‘what could possibly be so hard about arranging decorations?’ Well, strap in, because I’m about to blow your mind.

Styling properties is incredibly physically demanding work, involving lots of lifting & carrying furniture, changing bed sheets, walking up & down the stairs, hanging heavy artwork, and even steaming beds (which is especially strenuous in Brisbane summer!).

Fortunately, there are five tools that make our Stylists’ lives easier, and the best thing is they are all under $20 and small enough to fit into their install boxes. If you are curious about what else do they keep in their tool boxes, click here to read “2 Things Our Stylists Never Leave the Warehouse Without”.

Magic Eraser

Cost: from $3.99

Considering the amount of furniture we move in and out of the properties, scuff marks on the walls are bound to happen. It’s not a common occurrence because our Removalists are extremely careful (while cracking jokes at the same time, I don’t know how they do it). But when you have someone from the marketing team come and help style a home, scuff marks just somehow… show up. Right, Cody?

Okay, fine! It was me. I did it.

But guess what – if I didn’t put any scuff marks on the wall, I wouldn’t have even known this magic sponge was a thing!

magic eraser decorative photo
Source: Xclusivey

How do they work?

Nobody knows. It’s magic.

Okay fine, I googled it. It turns out the foam is made from a material called melamine. Once moistened, the microstructure of the melamine foam becomes almost as hard as glass, which works like a fine sandpaper, rubbing off the scuffs. It’s soft like a sponge on the outside, but hard on the inside… see? I told you it was magic!


Cost: from $13.74

This Tik-Tok inspiration is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to hanging D-ring art or a pair of artworks, especially when there is only one Stylist at an install. No more crooked pictures or extra holes in the walls!

How does it work?

It’s simple. First you measure the distance between the hooks on your art and lock-in the tape. Then you find your ideal hanging spot on the wall, level the tool and press the hang-o-matic firmly against the wall to create little dents and mark the anchor points. Finally, use nails, screws or hangers and hang your art, easy!

hangomatic tool decorative design

Spray Bottle

Cost: from $2

A simple spray bottle? Yes, that’s right. Do you want to guess what we use it for? Go ahead, we’ll give you some options.

  • A) Cleaning mirrors and glass-top surfaces
  • B) Steaming beds
  • C) Getting the dust off our decorations
  • D) Spraying the boys when they give us attitude

And the correct answer is…


spray bottle decorative design

B) – steaming beds! Technically, D) is also correct but that’s a story for another article.

We use a spray bottle as a steamer, either when we forget to bring a steamer or when it’s a really hot day (feeling a 60°C-steam on your face is not the most pleasant experience). The spray works great, it gets all the crinkles out and creates the polished look we’re after.

How does it work?

Fill the bottle with water (room temperature preferred), then press the trigger and spray the linen a couple of times, making sure the surface is damp, but not wet. Then simply smoothen out the area with your hands, applying soft pressure. TIP: Make sure your hands are clean before you touch the bed.

Lint Roller

Cost: from $2

The best thing about this handy little tool is that it’s not just for removing lint off your clothes. Our Stylists regularly use it for other purposes, including:

  • Removing lint and dirt off the furniture (sofas, armchairs, bedheads…)
  • Cleaning lampshades
  • Collecting tiny shards of broken glass (lightbulbs or mirrors, yes it does happen)
  • Refreshing fuzzy towels
  • “Vacuuming” the rug (when a vacuum cleaner is not available)
  • Removing dirt off bedding and decorative cushions
  • Capturing bugs and spiders (we don’t want to talk about this, but it is what it is)
lint roller decorative purpose

Door Stop

Cost: from $1.66

I know what you’re thinking, this one is way too simple. You may be right, but it is hands down one of the most important tools at EVERY install we do.

Some properties, especially those located in an apartment building complex have multiple doors separating the truck from the unit. Closing and opening every door, every time, while carrying furniture, would not only cost the team their precious time, but also patience.

Our two favourites are the rubber door wedge from Bunnings, or the chrome door weight (used for heavy doors), also from Bunnings.

door stop decorative photo

There are a few extras that we haven’t included in this article, but I believe they are important to mention… If you are a Property Stylist as well, you’ll know.


  • Toilet paper
  • Music
  • Snacks
  • Reusable water bottle

Thank you for reading!

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