Whoever says the wallet keys phone triple pocket tap is not a part of their ‘leaving-the-house routine’ is either lying… or wearing a handbag.

But even myself, as a living woman (Bunnings Karen video, anyone?), I always do the handbag tap-tap as I’m about to walk out and don’t leave the house until I confirm all three items are present.

Our stylists have a similar routine, but instead of Phone, Wallet, Keys – it’s:

1) Steamer

2) Install Bucket

It’s not usually a pocket tap-tap as both of these items are rather bulky. It is more like “Have you put the install box in my car already or did Phoebe steal mine? I just restocked it!”

Yeah, we are all about the trust at Foxy.

So why are these two items so important to our stylists?

Let’s dig in, there is a good reason behind why the girls call them their secret weapons.


Our entire team has a love-hate relationship with the steamers.

The reason we use them is they make the bed linen look freshly ironed & crisp, which photographs beautifully and makes a huge difference in the overall feel of the bedroom.

The downside is… they are hot.  Obviously. But trust me, when it’s 30 degrees outside and you just finished carrying heavy furniture and changing bed sheets, steaming the beds is the last thing you feel like doing.

Having said that, everyone in our team knows how much value it brings to the property, so it’s a non-negotiable deed and one of the last finishing touches we do at the end of every install.

Click on the picture to find out where we got our steamers from (link opens in new tab).

Install Box

Commonly known as Tool-Box, this handy gadget has saved us a lot of money, headaches and time over the last few years.

We use this 3-tier model from Bunnings.

Click on the picture to open the link in a new tab.

toolbox, two tier, black and yellow

This is what we keep inside every Install Box:

Click on each item to see the description. Close each tab before opening another.




1 Full Container of hooks & nails (incl. masonry nails)

Masonry nails are great for hanging artwork on walls made out of brick or concrete.

1 Full Bag of screws & gyprock plugs

Gyprock plugs are also called Hollow Wall Anchors or Plasterboard Fixings. We use these for hanging artwork onto walls made of plasterboard/gyprock. These types of walls are relatively soft and therefore the hole is likely to expand over time. To ensure longevity & strength of the hook, we put in the plug first and screw in the screw second.

1 Container of 3M hooks

We don’t like to use these, because in our experience they can cause more damage to the wall and to our artwork (especially in humid weather which causes the glue to fail). However, some clients insist on 3M hooks only. We try to prevent this from happening by preparing the client in advance with a conversation, but in the unlikely scenario this issue comes up, we want to be ready.

3 Cleaning Cloths

Made from microfibre, great for cleaning multiple surfaces incl. glass.

Koala Eco Spray

This is a brand we like to use – it gets the job done, smells beautiful and is eco-friendly! We use the multipurpose cleaner and the glass cleaner, which is great for cleaning fingerprints off glass-top tables and mirrors.

Magic Sponge

Made of melamine foam, which is great for getting scuff marks off the walls and furniture items.


Accidents happen. Having some putty available saves us from having to call the handy-man; 9 times out of 10 we can fix any wall dents right on the spot.

Scissors & Wire

For hanging artwork, in case the attached hooks snap off.

Light Bulbs

3 x B22 light bulbs

3 x E27 light bulbs

3 x E14 light bulbs

5 Extension Leads

For plugging in bedside lamps in case the power point is out of reach of the cable.

5 Power Boards

For plugging in bedside lamps in case the power point is out of reach of the cable.

Lint Roller

For getting lint off cushions & sofas.

Glen 20

Used only in extreme cases of bad smell or for disinfectant purposes. More on whether we style incorporating scents here.

Thanks for reading!

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