Staging a house for sale is mostly about creating the perfect illusion of lifestyle appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

Is ‘Lifestyle’ just a visual aspect, or should we be trying to entice other senses as well? Does the sense of smell affect buyers’ decisions?

I had a chat about this topic with Phoebe, our Chief Stylist.

You can watch the full interview on Foxy TV, Episode 82.

Does Using Scents Make Sense?

Yes, but they cannot be too strong.

As home stagers, it is our responsibility to make the house attractive to the maximum possible number of people.

This means taking into account that everyone has a different taste, especially when it comes to the sense of smell. Scents in particular, have a power of evoking emotions. But what smells good to one person may elicit bad memories for others.

And if something smells wrong, the potential buyers will not like the house, regardless of how good it looks.

Which Scents Are Ideal to Use?

Soft and subtle fragrances are our go-to. The Target range of coconut, vanilla, lime and cedar wood scented candles proved to have just the right intensity, without smelling too overpowering.

Do You Include Candles in Your Styling?

Yes, we bring scented candles into properties, but we do not burn them. They have more of a decorative purpose with an undertone of a subtle aroma.

The Real Estate Agents tend to bring in their own candles for the open homes, some even spray a soft fragrance mist that has a little bit of sanitiser in it. What a good-smelling way to stay COVID safe!

Baking Cookies Helps Sell Your Home – True or False?

The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies brings back memories of childhood. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

But what happens if you burn the cookies?

It would take a long time to get the burnt smell out of your house, let alone if it were to happen 15 minutes before the open home.

If you really want to test the theory, I recommend choosing the safer option and buying cookies that are already baked.

5 Tips to Make a Property Smell Better

  • Wipe the sink with a lemon
  • Stay away from overpowering smells (e.g. incense)
  • Avoid decorating with fresh flowers
  • Do not try to hide a bad smell by overusing fragrances
  • Air out the property thoroughly

In conclusion

It is undeniable that the sense of smell plays some role in the buyer’s decision-making process. What is important to focus on is keeping the scents subtle, as opposed to taking a risk with more intense fragrances.

Watch Foxy TV, Episode 82

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