Meet Caitlin!

Her sparkling personality and ex-static attitude will leave you amped! And if you’re picking up on all these electrical puns, let’s just say that Caitlin’s answer to question 10 will leave you shocked! 😊

On a more serious note, Caitlin is an absolute ray of sunshine, and her styling has made a world of difference in the lives of many of our clients. She is also the first person we turn to when it comes to shopping for decorations, our miss Electric sure does have an eye for a good bargain!

1. How long have you been at Foxy?

I started at the end of February…. Wait… March? Long enough to pass my probation, haha!

2. What do you remember about your beginnings?

Dude, I have the worst memory!

Actually… you know what? I remember that when I started, Phoebe & Jake just got a new puppy, they bought doughnuts and then we all went out for breakfast! I just remember thinking ‘This is the best job ever!’

Jenessa (excitedly): “What about LATELIN NOCLOCK? Hahaha!”

Caitlin: “Naaah she’s dead.”

Eva: “What’s the story behind Latelin?”

Caitlin: “Well it all started when I was late for my interview, but that’s because my tyre burst and my phone broke as I was on the phone to RACQ, so I couldn’t even ring Phoebe to let her know I was running late. And then… okay well at the start my time management skills were pretty poor… to say the least, but it has all been rectified! I’m never late these days! And the name was created by Cassie’s husband (who also happens to be my cousin).


Lewie Shorter aka The Cute Puppy

Caitlin Laycock aka Latelin NoClock

3. What’s your favourite style?

I would say trendy. I like styling the inner-city units, maybe because I can picture myself living in there, so it’s probably more of a personal taste preference.

4. What is your favourite decoration?

My caramel cushions! Or the Moroccan throw that you can see on my Instagram. My handle is @caitlinlaycock.interiors, like & follow, hahaha!

Source: Domain

5. Favourite bed you’ve ever styled? Is it the one with the Moroccan throw that we can find on your Instagram which is @caitlinlaycock.interiors?

Hahaha, yeah, I do like that one. It’s the layering of textures, layers, and colours that I really enjoy about styling beds. It adds warmth and makes the room look more homely.

6. Favourite living area?

Oooh it’s the one on Swann Road in Taringa! This house had super high ceilings, especially for an apartment block. It led out to a really nice courtyard, and it flowed really nicely with the dining setting. It all worked very cohesively together. Haha… “cohesively”. I’m going to sound so smart in this article!

Source: Real Estate

7. What’s your least favourite room to style?

Maybe outdoor because it’s hard to get creative. There’s not really much you can do with the outdoor dining setting apart from a few cushions and a small spread on the dining table. It’s like the furniture takes precedence over the décor.

8. What was your biggest fail?

Oh, I’ve missed a whole bed once! I was looking at the photos of the property as I was doing the selections and I thought the same bed was photographed twice. And when I rocked up at the house, there was this new, additional room in the house that I didn’t know about! Luckily, Cassie was doing a pack-up 10 minutes away, so I drove over and stole a bed from her.

9. What was your biggest WIN?

That would definitely have to be this one townhouse in Newmarket that I styled, and it sold in one day!

There’s more of a story to it. It had been on the market unstyled for about a month prior when a buyer saw it and it didn’t take their fancy. After styling, their advocate insisted they see it again. They not only bought it but put down $50,000 above asking! Sold in one day!!
It was just a really good testimonial as to how impactful styling can be!

10. What’s the funniest moment you can remember?

Jenessa: “We all know what it is! Hahaha!” *imitates getting electrocuted*

*Fletcher & Russ walk in*

Caitlin: “Fletch! What’s my funniest moment?”

Fletch: “Am I being nice, or can I be mean?”

Caitlin: “Umm… Russ, what do you think was my funniest moment?”

Russ: “Definitely touching the electric fence!”

Fletch: “And not knowing how to close garage doors!”

Behind the story: It was Caitlin’s second week at Foxy when we styled this beautiful family home in Cornubia. The owners had a fenced off backyard with a horse roaming around in the back. Caitlin was trying to get the horse’s attention and accidentally touched the fence, not realising it has electric current running through it. You bet we’re never going to let her live that one down!

11. After work, I spend my time… 

If I’m not hanging out with my boyfriend Ash, I’m going to the gym or going for a run.

Jenessa: “Ewww.”

Caitlin: “Well… not recently, but usually I do. Or probably binging a TV show, but also not so much recently, because my sister locked me out of her account.”

Jenessa: “Aww, I can give you my password if you want! …. But if you’re on it when I wanna be on it, then back the ef off, hahahaha! I will delete your device!”

12. I spend my weekends… 

Hitting the toooooown! Hahaha! Or the one thing I do every Saturday is Fitstop, it’s literally the highlight of my weekend.  It’s the social aspect for me, I go with my friends… Eva, just make sure you say friendS so I don’t sound like a loser.

Oh and also I’m obsessed with baking! I made croissants the other day!

Thanks for reading!

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