Whether your home is small or large, new or old, the awkward empty spaces can be found everywhere. You know exactly what we’re talking about – that one empty corner in the room, the odd-shaped nook, or even the bare space underneath the stairs.

Not sure what to do with these spots? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

As Home Stagers, we face this challenge every day. Sometimes, we don’t even get to see the house before we style it, which means our selections of furniture & décor are based entirely off the floor plan alone. On the plus side, we have by now mastered the game and are more than happy to share our experience with you.

Without any further ado, here are 15 tips from professional Property Stylists on how to decorate the awkward empty spaces in your home.


We love adding console tables to our styling! They are not only stylish and functional, but also incredibly versatile, which makes them our “safest bet” when it comes to filling empty spots. You can place them virtually everywhere, from entry hallways, to living areas, to studies… you name it!

A great example is this traditional 4-bedroom house we have recently styled in Parkinson (southern suburb of Brisbane). There we’ve used not one, not two, but three console tables, each having a different purpose, look and location. Link to the real estate listing here.


Creating a cosy spot where you can curl up with your favourite book and switch off from the usual chaos of everyday life is a must in any home. In this case, you can kill two birds with one stone and fill that empty corner of your room with a cute armchair, side table and a warm blanket. Reading nooks are perfect for almost every room and place, including bay windows, kids’ bedrooms and studies.


A statement, or an accent chair is so much more than just another seat. As the name suggests, these furniture items are here to make a statement. Depending on how brave you choose to be with the style, an accent chair can do one or two things – either complete the look of your home or completely transform it.


Decorative ladders come in all sizes and colours, ready to complement a wide range of interior designs. Our personal favourites are ‘rustic farmhouse’ or ‘modern industrial’ interior styles – we believe these two interiors are the most suitable designs for incorporating ladders.

They double up as a functional furniture piece too, holding your clothes that has been used but is not quite dirty enough for the washing machine yet (we know you know what we’re talking about).


Is there such thing as too much storage? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

Even though we try to get rid of shelves in staging homes for sale (mainly because they indicate a lack of storage), we actually love shelves in our own homes. You can surround yourself with all the things you love – like photos of your loved ones, your favourite books and houseplants or even all the random knick-knacks you have accumulated over the years.


A good choice of art can optically fill the empty space while adding an element of visual interest to the room. Our Foxy Stylists’ favourite choices of artwork for these awkward spots are either oversized statement pieces or matching pairs of framed art.


“There will be people who say you have too many plants. Those are not your people.” – random internet meme

But really, there is no such thing as too much greenery when it comes to home styling. Plants add freshness and vibrancy to your home, purify the air and represent tranquillity that can only be found in nature.  If you are unsure about what to put in that lonely-looking corner of your room, opt for a large palm tree or fig tree and you won’t look back.

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Having a separate work area has significantly gained on importance over the last two years. All these lockdowns have led to some significant lifestyle adjustments for all of us, one of which was making ‘working from home’ the new normal.

We’ve started seeing more and more homeowners building a bench into the random little nooks, turning these spaces into small study/office areas. Cute & functional – that is a win-win in our books!

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In most two-storey houses, the area directly below the stairs can be a bit awkward in shape. You can’t stand up straight in there, which prompts the question on what to do with this space. Our suggestion? A bench seat.

Bench seats are practical, doubling up on the storage and seating possibilities.

We also love adding benches at the end of master beds, especially if the room is larger than the standard size. Doing this visually prolongs the bed and adds a touch of luxury to what would have usually been a bare space.


We will let you in on a little secret. A word of warning, this is probably going to sound very counterintuitive to you.

To make a room seem bigger, we trick people’s depth perception by keeping the sofa a few centimetres off the wall and placing a floor lamp in the corner beside it. Yes, that’s right. To make a room bigger, we make it physically smaller. Light and shadows truly are the best illusionists.

If in doubt, stand a floor lamp in that empty corner and watch your room transform.


A bar cart is not something we keep in our stock, but we have used it once or twice in the past when it was a part of the homeowner’s existing furniture. We’ve decided to integrate it into our styling because it fit the overall theme of the house and it ended up looking fabulous!


Mirror, mirror on the wall, there’s no empty space at all!

Whether you choose to go ahead with a standing mirror or a hanging one, it’s guaranteed to fill the ‘emptiness’. The best thing about mirrors is that they reflect the natural light which brightens the entire room and makes it look bigger. Not bad for a home decoration, huh?


Depending on how much space you have, you might be able to turn that empty corner into a lovely conversational area. Two armchairs, a small side- or coffee table and some cushions is all you need to create an inviting space that is not just for the visitors.


As we mentioned in tip number 5 – there is no such thing as too much storage.  Fill the storage basket with throw rugs or cushions and place it near the sofa or in your bedroom. It may not seem like much, but there is something comforting about having a warm blanket within arm’s reach.


A budget-friendly solution to giving your home a fresh look while filling those awkward empty spots. You may be surprised by how much of a difference a simple reshuffling of furniture can bring!

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