How to Choose the Best Greenery for Property Staging

Plants, flowers, vines, fig trees… you name it. Greenery of any kind is an absolute MUST when it comes to staging a house for sale.

3 Reasons Why Greenery is Important:

  1. Real Estate Photography – Plants and flowers are known to bring out freshness and vibrancy in photos. Real Estate Photographers in particular, have a very distinct way of editing the pictures. Certain colours tend to stand out more than others and green is one of them. Look at any professional listings on to spot the difference for yourself.
  1. Buyer’s Psychology – The colour green symbolises nature, which may be why it’s often thought to represent tranquillity, health and freshness. When buyers walk into a room and see lots of greenery, they will subconsciously associate the space with cleanliness.
  1. It helps direct the buyers’ gaze – Distributing the plants evenly and strategically across the house helps settle the buyers’ eye in the property. Their gaze travels from one plant to another, making the entire experience much more memorable.

How to Decide Between Greenery vs. Florals

Choosing between a plant or a floral arrangement can be a bit tricky. What has worked amazingly for us was considering the demographics of the expected buyers and the price point of the property.

We use greenery for

predominantly younger demographics, families with small children, young professionals, new investors, etc. Decorating with vines, plants, native florals, and other trendy greenery presents the property in a modern look and creates a familiar environment for this target market.

large vase on a dining table with branch of leaves, looking very trendy and modern

We use florals for

people who are downsizing their houses, mature aged or affluent couples, and higher priced properties (in Brisbane we look at $1.2M and above). We love styling these homes with orchids and magnolias, because they are quite expensive to buy fresh, therefore associated with more class and a higher value, elevating the worth of the house.

flowers on the table in a glass vase, pink curtains and pink artwork on the wall

How to Choose the Best Vase

We split our vases into three different categories based on their size.

  • SMALL (15-20cm)

We use small vases and pot plants for little spaces and nooks, bedside tables, bookshelves, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Because of their compact size, they must always be styled with other props and decorations, otherwise they would look lonely.

beige coloured bed with beautiful linen and a small vase of flowers on the bedside table next to a lamp and a candle
kitchen bench with two salt shakers, two cooking books and a small pot of plant in front
kids bedroom with twin beds and a small bedside table inbetween with a small pot of plant on top, next to a ceramic octopus
  • MEDIUM (30cm)

Medium-sized vases and plants work beautifully for coffee tables. Taking into account the functionality of the living room, we can’t allow the plant (or anything else on the coffee table) to block the view of the TV. Using low-lying greenery, vines or smaller florals is perfect to style this space.

coffee table styled in a coastal style. Tray with a shelf and a medium sized vase
living room with a beige couch, palm tree artwork above and a palm tree next to it. On the other side there are three small coffee tables with decorations and a medium sized vases
  • LARGE (40-50cm)

We use large vases for decorating dining tables. Depending on the size of the table and the room, we choose to fill the vase with either a Spray (smaller sized array of leaves, more maneuverable) or a Branch (longer and more robust).

glass dining table with a tall vase in the middle with a spray of leaves
contemporary style glass dining table with a large grey vase with a trendy array of leaves

How to Choose the Style and Colours of the Vases

Choosing the best colour of your vase is highly dependent on the type of property it is and the style you have chosen. We wrote an entire article on this topic – have a read here to find out How to Choose The Right Style.

Up to date, this blog is one of our most popular reads, with lots of people finding it valuable. We hope you will too!

Where Do We Get Our Greenery From?

Most of our plants come from ALBI, the Rogue brand.

If you don’t have a wholesale account, you can purchase the same or similar styles from Freedom, OZ Design or Adairs.

“When it comes to buying greenery, we don’t hold back spending extra money to ensure we are getting high quality plants that look real, not artificial.” – Phoebe Shorter | Chief Stylist

Artificial or Fresh Flowers?

For us at Foxy Home Staging, the practicality of decorating with fresh flowers is too difficult to execute. Fresh flowers wilt quickly, are messy and therefore much harder to transport.

The other aspect of using real flowers is their scent. What smells nice to some people can be incredibly overwhelming to others, even to the point of causing them a headache. Appealing to as many senses of potential buyers as possible is vital for the success of a home staging service.

To ensure the longevity of buyers’ perception, it’s best to use artificial.

There are plenty of subtle ways to make the property smell nice, click HERE to find out what we use.

picture of the blog we wrote - Should You Use Scented Candles in a Property You are Staging? + 5 Tips To Make the property smell better

Best Spots to Place Greenery Around the House

Our Foxy Stylist guide is fairly straightforward when it comes to plants – each major space needs something green.

For the ‘average’ property, we look at placing a piece of greenery on the coffee table, dining table, bedside table, bathrooms, outdoor setting, console table and kitchen bench, PLUS a fig tree/palm tree (min. 1.2m tall).

dining table with a console table in the background and a living room in the very back. Each spot has a piece of greenery on it

dining table with a vase and leaves in it, behind is the kitchen with small pot plants

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