When looking through property photos, I find I have an appreciation for those homes that are styled but still homely. It is the classic dining room shot plays a large role in revealing whether the home has been styled in this manner and so today, I thought we could discuss whether to set or not to set the dining table when styling your home for sale.


First up, we can look at the whole hog. I am talking about the full formal setting, sometimes topped of with fruit adorning individual settings. I’m not a fan of setting the table to this extent. It shouts “I’ve been styled” from the rooftop and can sometimes feel cluttered.


So,what am I a fan of?

Lets start with the simple, classic showcase vase and flowers

A little extra – candle holder

A little extra –¬†vase cluster


If you want to set the table, I recommend keeping it simple.

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Images courtesy of 1.kevinandamanda.com 2.homedit.com 3.foxyhomestaging.com.au 4.foxyhomestaging.com.au 5.artdepartmentstyling.com.au 6.foxyhomestaging.com.au

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