By now, we all know that the purpose of home staging is to revamp or rejig your home, so that it appeals to as many people as possible come open day. I have shown you ways to brighten your home, how to freshen and declutter your home, as well as how to modernise your decor. Today, however, I am being a little naughty. I am going to buck the trend, go a little wayward and dare to be different. When you google paint or interior colours for home staging, you will find a neutral, and sometimes drab, colour palette on your screen. Well guess what. Today I am going to show you how to use bright colour in home staging. Excited? I am.

Obviously, your homes interior colour impacts greatly a buyer’s first impression, so selecting the right tone is important. Most homes are painted in white hues because they act like a blank canvas; allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. They also have the bonus of making a space feel simple, serene and more expansive. So why not use this backdrop to add a pop of colour and inject a little personality and style in your staging.

The secret behind a successful colour scheme is balance. Aim for:

  • 60% of COLOUR 1 – this is the paint on your walls. Grey based paints are great for brightening and modernising a space.
  • 30% of COLOUR 2 – This is your carpet and furniture.
  • 10% of COLOUR 3 – These are “pops” of colour that I mentioned. Add it by using pillows, accessories, artwork, throws, or flowers. Theses should be evenly distributed throughout the room.

So now that you understand the technical side, let’s talk practical!

The most cost effective way to add colour in the lounge room is by using throw pillows. Throw a couple on the sofa to add a burst of colour and texture. Another great way to add depth and excitement to you lounge room, sitting room or living room is to pair up some brightly coloured armchairs. Make sure to balance it out with a paler, muted colour sofa.

Artwork is very reasonably priced these days and very easy to access. Pop a couple of pieces on the wall to brighten the space. If you need a little guidance with positioning or purchasing your artwork, click here.

Fresh and clean is how you want your bathroom to feel to any prospective buyer. Crisp white towels and a sparkling shower or tub do wonders to brighten an outdated or worn bathroom. If you have the space, fresh flowers or a few accessories can add a pop of colour on the vanity.

We have looked at Styling a Bookshelf before and it is another smart and budget-friendly way to infuse your living room with a little colour.

Finally, let’s look at the exterior of your home. Accent colours are just as important for generating good curb appeal. Painting your front door and in a colour that coordinates with the rest of your house is a great way to add a pop of colour. Also, adding some shiny, new house numbers will go a long way as well!

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