All too often, the bedside table is used as a dumping ground for books, remnants of midnight snacks and boring alarm clocks. Looking over at my nightstand, it is adorned with an empty baby bottle, a toy dinosaur and Canadian travel books. Obviously, the bedside table is a very functional piece of furniture. Nevertheless, when staging your home for sale, it also needs to be presented stylishly. So today, I’m going to share with you a few styling tricks that will transform your little table into a well-styled, balanced space. Your newly styled bedside table will reflect your design aesthetic, and will be practical and useful.

There are five components behind a stylish, functional nightstand:

A Clock. Up the charm factor with something vintage and analog. Don’t be afraid to go big!

A Lamp. A traditional lamp is a shapely addition to any bedside, but a funky light can add a little extra design flair. Remember, if your table is modern, balance it with a traditional lamp design. For a small bedside table, look for a sleek style that won’t take up a lot of room. You could also consider mounting the lamp to the wall or ceiling.

*Style Tip – Place your lamp at the back so you can layer other items in front of it!

A little reading material. A stack of three books is perfect for adding height to your display.

*Style Tip – For a stylish display, lay and stack books horizontally, with the spines facing out.

A spring of green. Use some greenery to add a nice, organic touch to the bedroom and a bit of colour to your nightstand. For a more permanent addition, opt for a delicate plant or sculptural succulent instead.

Some artwork. Two overlapping photo frames works great for adding visual interest. Go for images that co-ordinate with your bedrooms’ colour scheme.

*Style Tip – Leaning artwork against the wall is perfectly acceptable, especially when displayed on top of the nightstand.

When positioning these five items on your bedside table, try to create a balanced and interesting display using objects in varying heights, sizes and shapes. You can create a sense of cohesion, by ensuring that your displayed bedside items are in the same colour family and coordinate with the bedding. If you have two bedside tables, try to have them complementing each other beautifully, with a matching pair of lamps and similar accessories.

Your bedroom is an intimate place, so you may be tempted to include an item in your arrangement that has special meaning to you or to keep personal and sentimental items on the table, like jewellery. Remember, that home staging is about presenting your home, to appeal to the largest number of home buyers possible. Your photos, jewellery and trinkets tell your story and won’t help to encourage your buyers imagining themselves in your home. So, resist the temptation!

I would love to see some pictures of your styled bedside tables! Do you have any other accessories that you like to include?

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