When it comes time to sell what is considered the largest asset for most people, the property market has the potential to reap big financial rewards. The secret lies in knowing how to market your home the right way to sell it at the highest possible price.

What a lot of homeowners tend to overlook is WHO they are marketing to.

Millennials and Generation Z make up more than half the population of the world.*

This is a generation of people who have grown up with television and digital advertising. They are used to businesses competing for their attention and money. As home buyers, they expect instant solutions and extraordinary presentation, so if the online property photos don’t quite adhere to their standards, they are quick to assume the vendor doesn’t care about the buyers.

Being used to seeing beautiful, fully interior-designed, and professionally photographed homes all over social media and TV, the bar they are comparing the photos of your home against is high. A property that appears cluttered, dated or unstyled sends a strong message that the vendor is not serious about selling and therefore won’t be interested in them as a buyer. These assumptions can very quickly translate into a potential buyer saying ‘NO’, long before they’ve even clicked through all the listing photos.

*Millennials = people born between 1981-1996; Generation Z = people born between 1997-2012; Click HERE for the source

So what exactly can you as a vendor do, to make sure you spark interest among your prospective buyers and catch their attention?

Launch your home to the market with a BANG, not a whisper.

And to achieve this, preparation is key. That includes everything, from choosing the right real estate agent to making sure your home looks presentable for the open day.

These are some of our tips to make sure your home stands out in the market:

  • List with a reputable agent.
  • Take advice from the experts and action it.
  • Repair and renovate what is necessary.
  • Get your home professionally staged.
  • Don’t skimp on marketing costs.

We have two real life examples to demonstrate the power of making your home marketable.

Case Study 1 – 1/12A North Street, Newmarket

This townhouse was launched to the market unstyled, with a few additions of virtual styling in the kitchen. It had a relatively small living space, so much so that there was no picture of it in the original real estate listing. During the lockdown, the agent was doing video calls with the interested buyers, but they all admitted to having struggles visualising what to do with such a small living space.

The agent has taken this feedback on board and asked us to come in and stage the property. Seeing the space furnished has enabled the buyers to get an idea of how much furniture can they fit in, as well as see the possible layout and get a feel for the size of the room.

Result of the sale: SOLD in 1 day for $50,000 extra above the original offer! It was a cash unconditional sale with the cooling-off period waived. That means we’ve styled it on Friday, the house was sold on Saturday, and we have collected the furniture on Monday. What a win for everyone involved!

modern light kitchen, light timbers, two leather barstools
Newmarket townhouse with a small living space, sofa and two armchairs showing the functionality of the space

Case Study 2 – 116/52 Grantson Street, Windsor

This 3-bedroom unit has been on the market previously, presented with the homeowner’s original furniture. After an unsuccessful campaign with no serious offers received, the vendors have decided to change the agent and adjust their marketing strategy (incl. professional home staging).

The owners were planning to live in the property during the sale, so we had to make sure our styling not only looks great but also serves a functional purpose. Taking into consideration the fact that they have two small children, we’ve chosen our furniture and accessories with this in mind (no glass-top surfaces, avoiding sharp edges where possible, etc.).

Result of the sale: SOLD the first weekend for much better price than they were expecting!

Click HERE to see the real estate listing.

green bedroom
before photo of a living roomafter photo of a living room

Before & After photos

(before pic has been downloaded from RP Data)

“We should have got our home staged from the start when we first decided to put it on the market. It would have saved us a lot of frustration!”

– Amanda & Noel (the vendors)

beige living room with wooden coffee table and wooden dining table

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