When it comes to staging homes for sale, bathroom towels may seem like a nonessential, easily overlooked decoration. After all, it is only the home’s architecture, fixtures and fittings that get looked at, right?


We’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll say it a thousand more. Home Staging is about creating the appearance of the buyers’ perfect lifestyle. This can only be achieved by appealing to their senses and decorating with items that pull on their heart strings.

So what roles do towels play in this strategy, exactly?

Who doesn’t love coming out of the shower and wrapping themselves in a sumptuously plush and fluffy towel! Choosing soft and good quality towels will make the buyers associate this space with the feelings of comfort and coziness.

But it’s not as simple as throwing a towel over the rack. We have narrowed it down to five rules we stick by for every property we install.

1. Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

This may come as a surprise to you, but white towels are not always the right choice. Yes, they are the ‘safe’ option, suitable for every bathroom regardless of the colour palette.

For us at Foxy, we consider two things before choosing the right colour:

Demographics of the Potential Buyer

We wrote an entire article on how to style in line with the demographics, have a read HERE.

Colour Scheme of the House/Bathroom

To avoid clash of colours between towels and patterned tiles, we choose white for distinctive pattern and colourful towels for simple colour palette interior or bathroom. More about how to style around bold-coloured walls HERE.

For a younger target market – we go with the trendy look, towels with some element of colour or patterns.

For an older target market – we tend to stick with the timeless white, in sync with the idea of a hotel or a spa bathroom.

three towels in total, one large white bath towel ona rack, above it is a patterned grey hand towel with a dark blue facewasher
corner of the bathtub, on top of which is a rolled up white bath towel with a small piece of greenery. Next to the sink there is a white vase with white roses, soap dispenser and a hand soap
patterned tiles across the entire bathroom wall in a zig-zag pattern with white bath towels hanging near

2. Towel Arrangement Is Key

There are many ways to arrange towels in the bathroom, but there is only one main rule that applies to all. The seamless fold must always be seen first.

blue bath towel hanging on a rack with the folded part facing away from the camera, showing only the seamless fold. On top of it there is another small grey and white stripey hand towel

We always use the towel rack if it’s available. The length of the towel fold then depends on the height of the towel rack.

In homes where a towel rack is not available, we roll the towel(s) up and add in some greenery for decoration.

white bath towel on a towel rack with a small black hand towel draped over
wooden shelves with a rolled up white towel
towel rack with two grey and white bath towels and a small dark hand towel overlapping

3. Patterns & Layers

Softly patterned towels add a tactile element to the bathroom with a hint of a contemporary look. Some of our favourite inlaid patterns are the waffle, ribbed or zig-zag design.

The number of towels we bring into the bathroom is dependent on the size of the space. As a rule of thumb, there are at least 1-2 bath towels, 1 hand towel and 1 face washer.

When it comes to layering, we like to keep the look interesting by letting some towels hang lower, overlap, or stacked on top of each other.

blue bath towel with a white patterned hand towel on top
two dark blue bath towels layered with a white facewasher on top

4. Don’t Forget About These Places

Even the little nooks like a laundry room deserve a little bit of love. We like to style these places with a one or two rolled up towels, some greenery, and a few decorative items (detergent or a tin box for washing powder).

Another place that gets oftentimes overlooked when it comes to styling with towels is the backyard. We always check for any towel rails or hooks and if there are some, we decorate them with a beautiful beach towel.

Jacuzzi or saunas are usually one of the main features of the house, which means that towels in this case could be a potential distraction. We decide whether to decorate these places on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size of the space around it.

5. Invest in Good Quality Towels

Our Property Stylists have developed a special sense of touch to recognize what a good quality material feels like. The only two shops we get our premium towels from, are Adairs and Sheridan.


Good towels aren’t always expensive. Our budget is max. $17 per towel, which may seem cheap, but both – Adairs & Sheridan are running lots of frequent sales, which we take advantage of when our bathroom supplies are running low.

beautiful bathroom with an orange towel draped over the vanity

So there you have it, folks!

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, don’t throw in the towel 🙂

We always tell our Stylists to do what feels right. You’ve got this!

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